A fire ravaged a residence in the La Plaine sector, in Terrebonne, overnight from Sunday to Monday.

The alert was given shortly after 1 a.m. for a fire that started in the backyard of the residence located on rue Coursier, near rue du Bosquet.

When the firefighters arrived, it was already a general conflagration, but the blaze was still brought under control, while the damage caused by the flames is enormous.

The adjacent residences were also engulfed in flames, said a spokesperson for the Terrebonne Fire Department.

Terrebonne: a residence ravaged by fire in La Plaine

Photo QMI Agency, Pascal Girard

About forty firefighters from the Terrebonne Fire Department were at work trying to contain the flames.

The Fire Safety Service has not yet determined the origin of the fire, since the investigation it opened is still ongoing, it was added.


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