Television and Univision: a challenge with determination

On January 31, the final merger of Television and Univision will be announced, after having obtained the good views of the regulatory authorities, such as the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) and the Federal Commission for Economic Competence. case of Mexico, as of the FCC in the United States. It was an operation that was announced in April of this year, indicating that these companies combined their assets related to the production and distribution of containers.

The communication distributed to inversionists and media, and some interviews with its directors in Reuters and Bloomberg, for example, is based on a clear approach to the new ecosystem of distribution of audiovisual content at the global level, through a new streaming platform with clearly directed to the universe of 600 million people that hablan the span as langue materna to global level. For this proposal, content assets, intellectual property and human capital in conformity with the talent of writers, gionists, producers, directors, technicians, and of the lie, actresses and actors, agglutinate both the experience and reputation of Television, results in a contribution fundamental to the launch of the new digital platform and the many trains that are planned for the event.

The challenge is not minor, so all giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and HBOMax have redesigned their efforts on a global level only, meaning that in a specific way he decided to go to the Spanish market as one with enormous potential . There are groups that are currently compromising miles of millions of dollars in the production of original content and in the purchase of derechos of content produced by third parties, but distributed in a wide range of idioms such as English, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese and Spanish, of course, because with the consolidation of TelevisaUnivision as a player that anticipates a notable increase in the inversion of the production of new contents in Spain, the audience will be benefited only by increasing the possibilities, elec however, it is also possible to assume that the periodic payment of a subscription will not be required. In sum, los usuarios ganarán.

On the other hand, derivative of this transaction, Television received 4,800 million dollars, 3,000 of them in liquid manner, while it must be allowed to increase in various financial indicators, in addition to a factor that will increase the mayor’s strategy. inversion of Grupo Televisa in the telecommunications sector.

In this form, the television broadcast, based on its Cable segment, in which among other participants iZZi and Bestel, will be vitaminized to continue with its crime strategy based on an inversion effort that in the last years also the has meant to invest in the 32% of its entrants, which represents a little more than double the inversion of the conjunction of all the telecommunication service operators in our country, which in the same measure of time, in aggregate form, he inverted the 15% of the total ingresos of the sector.

This start in inversion matter by itself allows us to explain the crime sustained by users who have been in this segment since 2013, as it promotes constitutional reform in the matter of telecommunications and radio broadcasting. The inversions carried out by Television allow the triple to increase its Generations of Ingredients (RGUs) between the fall of 2013 and the third quarter of this year, passing a total of 5.07 million RGUs to a total of 14.37 million.

As Televisa and Univision demonstrate their determination to convert into a global player in the Spanish audiovisual content distribution market via streaming, as long as Televisa enforces with its mayor to continue to invest in telecommunications distribution infrastructure, audiovisual works on pay-TV and with it log in to attract a large number of subscribers.

* The author is an economist.


Gerardo Flores Ramírez

Expert in telecommunications

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