In past collaborations we have been talking about the attempts that media and content companies are making to get closer to their audiences in a more timely and targeted manner. The last few years have been wonderful in showing what targeted advertising can do for advertisers.

In recent days, TelevisaUnivision made a deal to work with VideoAmp to monitor Hispanic audiences in the North American market and target them with advanced advertising capabilities.

How it will work is that VideoAmp data will be connecting with TelevisaUnivision’s Hispanic household chart, allowing advertisers to plan campaigns and transact with VideoAmp as currency.

In this case, both companies worked together to ensure that Hispanic audiences were adequately represented by VideoAmp’s big data-based measurement system. As is well known, the Hispanic population in the United States contains an immense diversity of nations, ages, socioeconomic and educational levels, which makes it one of the most complex ethnic groups in the nation.

“Representation and accuracy are crucial in today’s data-driven media ecosystem, and by working closely with our team over the last several months, VideoAmp has made significant strides in ensuring its data set and methodologies accurately capture Hispanic audiences in the United States,” said Dan Aversano, senior VP of data, analytics and advanced advertising at TelevisaUnivision.

Aversano said that TelevisaUnivision was pleased with VideoAmp’s willingness to roll up its sleeves and work with TelevisaUnivision to ensure it was up to the task in terms of inclusion.

“They really dug in and put in the time. They invested in making sure the data was really accurate,” she said. “We are thrilled to expand our partnership with VideoAmp and offer even more sophisticated cross-platform, optimization and targeting capabilities for our clients to engage with the Hispanic community.”

VideoAmp is one of several measurement companies that offers an alternative to Nielsen, especially when it comes to cross-platform measurement. Several media companies are testing VideoAmp data to use as currency for media buying transactions.

“This is an incredibly exciting partnership for us. Advertising subsidizes people’s access to information and entertainment, so it’s important to ensure that the three-way value exchange between advertisers, publishers and consumers works. A big part of getting this right is accurately measuring diverse audiences, especially Hispanics in the United States. The market is ready for change and we are excited about the opportunity to completely revolutionize the media landscape together with partners like TelevisaUnivision,” said Michael Parkes, president of VideoAmp.

Antonio Aja

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