Telemetry X System | Advanced connectivity inspired by motorsport

Every year in Las Vegas, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) becomes a concentration of new technologies worthy of interest. The famous Lamborghini firm, which is usually rather rare at this location, presented a technology during the last event that attracted attention: the Telemetry X system.

This is a connection system that gives a driver the opportunity to approach a race track while benefiting from the advice of a remote trainer. This trainer receives, through this same technology, all the data necessary for its analysis, with 5G connections which allow communication to take place in real time between it and the driver.

At Lamborghini, we want to maximize the driving experience and customer pleasure. For the moment, the famous car manufacturer can only show a prototype, as it did in Las Vegas, but it assures that the technology can be used in its super sports cars very soon. The vehicles will be produced in Italy, of course. In Las Vegas, the Telemetry X system was presented aboard the firm’s most technologically advanced model, the elegant and powerful Lamborghini Revuelto.

Telemetry X, you say…

We are therefore talking here about a new tool which will offer a set of connected services allowing the user to enjoy a driving experience on an immersive track. This technology is actually based on three systems which were all developed in collaboration with Accenture, starting with the “Real Time Remote Garage”, more commonly called support (the coaching) from a distance.

This is a very interesting web application since it allows drivers to see themselves at work through video recordings of their performances on the track. However, these images are doubly captivating because the remote coach can make all his comments and suggestions, after the driver’s lap or even during this lap.

This professional could be anywhere in the world and could even be a former Formula 1 driver, no less, Lamborghini executives suggest.

The second system used is called the “Biometric Data System”, and in turn records certain biometric data of the driver, including their heart rate, temperature, stress level and breathing, all to allow in-depth monitoring of performance.

Finally, these two systems work in conjunction with a third, the “Digital Co-Pilot”. This is a proactive voice assistant that compares both biometric and vehicle data and provides feedback to the driver while driving on the track. It can provide advice on trajectories and braking points, for example, with the desire to take the driver’s handling up another notch. It can also give him information on the performance of his car on the road.

With these technologies, there is no doubt that whoever finds themselves behind the wheel of this car will have the impression of having become a real racing driver.

At Lamborghini, we like to say that this new technology focuses on innovation, which is directly connected to the company’s DNA, like the Revuelto, the manufacturer’s latest model in terms of a revolutionary sports car.

Maximum thrills

The company’s managers also took advantage of CES to announce that they wanted to offer, in the years to come, a maximum of thrills within their “supercars”, but also immersive driving experiences, as allowed this Telemetry X system. This latest technology would, in fact, only be a preview of the connected services that will be offered within the firm over the years to come.

Lamborghini’s technical director, Rouven Mohr, said that “X-telemetry is a clear demonstration of how experience gained in motorsport can find applications for super sports cars on the road.”

The man emphasizes that the fact of having chosen the Revuelto to demonstrate it is not insignificant, since the manufacturer considers this vehicle to be a completely unique model in terms of cutting-edge technologies.

In short, this should please those who dream of running on race tracks without losing their skin, due to lack of technical knowledge… Everything suggests that the future will allow Mr. and Mrs. Everyman to shine one day on a track. All that remains is to be able to afford a Lamborghini, otherwise wait for technology to reach more accessible models.


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