Telecinco premieres a new edition of ‘The debate of temptations’

Telecinco premieres tonight at 10:00 p.m. a new season of ‘The debate of temptations’. The format comes with extensive unpublished content that will be key to following the evolution of relationships between couples and singles in their recently started coexistence in Villa Playa and Villa Paraíso.

As a novelty, the space incorporates new collaborators. The former participants of previous editions of ‘The island of temptations’ Isaac Torres, Lucía Sánchez, Marina García, Fani Carbajo and Marta Peñate They will be part of the cast in this first installment of the program, which will also feature the participation of the regulars Nagore Robles, Terelu Campos, Suso Álvarez and Kiko Matamoros, in addition to the expert in couples therapy Arantxa Coca.

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In this way, the program will advance the main themes of each installment in the ‘big screen of temptations’, will offer in its premiere 20 unpublished minutes of the first party in both villas, events in which the first connections with single men and women will take place and in which some of the protagonists will approach the limits set by their partners.

On the other hand, the space will also focus its attention on the landing of Rosario and Álvaro, the fifth leading couple, showing their arrival on a catamaran to the paradisiacal Dominican beaches and their first meeting with Sandra Barneda. In addition, it will be offered the complete conversation between Sandra, Darío’s partner, and Rosario, with whom the young man had a relationship. An event will also be broadcast that will affect both villages and spectators will be given a choice if they want to see the reaction to this event from the boys or the girls; and the romantic relationship that in the past united one of the collaborators of the program with one of the members of the current couples.

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