Teachers’ unions maintain unity and mobilizations

  • They consider “unacceptable” the last offer of Educació, which proposed to recover the teaching hour in primary school in September and left secondary school for the 23-24 academic year

  • “Cambray is angry because he knows that he will not be able to do any quiet act until he reaches an agreement with us”

Teachers’ unions prepare new mobilizations after the Department of Education has given up the negotiations to settle the educational conflict opened in Catalonia after union representatives rejected their last offer: make up class time in primary school this next course 22-23 and in secondary and post-compulsorythe course 23-24.

Iolanda Seguraspokesman for youtec, the majority union, has considered this offer “unacceptable” and “insufficient”. The representatives of the teachers demand that the recovery of this hour be for the whole teaching staffof primary and secondary, this coming September, something that the Department assures is economically and technically unfeasible.

“The cuts were for all the teachers at the same time. Recovering the time must also be for everyone at the same time. The opposite case would be a comparative offense. How would we explain it”, Segura has raised, who has also emphasized that the new curricula affect ESO and Baccalaureate teachers more. “They are the ones who have mobilized the most during the strikes. They are the ones who will have to spend more hours preparing for the new course. Secondary needs to recover that teaching hour,” defended the Ustec spokeswoman.

Calendar Resource

Also Teresa Esperabé, from CCOO, please see insufficient proposal. “We value it because it is progress, but it is insufficient to reach an agreement.” From CCOO, they have presented to the General Directorate of Teachers a reconsideration appeal on the calendar order. They denounce that the teachers appointed in June will not be able to join the centers in July because the inauguration will not take place until September 1.

The unions have charged Educació with the responsibility having broken off the negotiations. “It was them. And that shows the unwillingness to give us back our working conditions,” said Segura.

The moral stature of the Department

From aspepcyour spokesperson, Joan Alis, has made Education ugly by linking the agreement to the incorporation of 1,400 primary school teachers. “The Department does not need an agreement with anyone to incorporate new employees, therefore it is lying if it says that the lack of agreement prevents it from incorporating new teachers.” The ‘conselleria’ subordinated this incorporation, the result of the recovery of teaching hours in primary, to the unions accepting the agreement. It was a “sacrifice” made for the sake of social peace. Given the union rejection, the measure is for future courses. An explanation that does not convince the unions. “Says a lot about the moral stature of who governs us that links an objective improvement of the system (new teachers) to the acceptance of the calendar or a curriculum that further devalues ​​public secondary education in Catalonia”, Alís denounced.

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In Aspepc’s opinion, all this responds to the fact that the Department is “nervous and very angry“. “Cambray is angry because he knows that you will not be able to do any quiet public act until you reach an agreement with us”, Alís pointed out. He was alluding to what happened on Monday at the UB, when the unions sabotaged an act in which the ‘minister’ was going to intervene.

Faced with insinuations that there were unions willing to accept Educació’s offer, Segura has accused the Department of wanting to divide the unions and has assured that unity is intact. “They try to break union unity but we are united,” he said. Youtec, together with CCOO, Interunion, Apepc, UGT, Usoc and CGT, finalize the preparations for new mobilizations, which will detail the next few days. “We will continue to mobilize and press for improvements,” warned Esperabé.

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