Tanxugueiras, after the uproar over the votes: “We tell the jury to open their sights a bit”

The first semi-final of the Benidorm Fest was held yesterday, which was resolved with a somewhat controversial result and which caused a stir in networks. Tanxugueiras, one of the favorites to win the competition, they were in fifth place -out of six- for the jury of experts, who have 50% of the vote.

The other 50% correspond to the demographic vote, for which they were second, along with the telestem, where they were first. The truth is, Despite being fifth in the jury, Terra’s interpreters scored 38 points., that is, one less than the fourth and third classified, and three less than the second.

However, Tanxugueiras spoke at the end of the semi-final at the press conference about the result, where they said they did not believe the jury’s decision would change for Saturday’s final: “We believe that they have things very clear and that is their taste. We will not be able to turn it around. We stay with all those people who bet on us, ”said Sabela Maneiro.

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The votes they received from the jury of experts were greeted with boogie at the Palau D’Esports L’Illa, although they stood out and asked for “respect” for the taste of each member. However, Sabela sent a message: “I’m telling the jury to open your sights a little, that it may be that we will fine tune a little better in the final and the performance will be better ”, said Sabela.

“The jury has its taste and we believe that it had nothing to do with it. Maybe they are not used to listening to this type of music and decoding it is a bit difficult. “, they commented. They also emphasize that another of the members, Olaia, arrived in Benidorm hours before the gala after being quarantined due to covid, so now it’s time for them to improve their performance: I landed that morning, and today I walked on stage for 10-15 minutes. We had to change the whole listening because I have a very powerful voice. It was about knowing the fast-paced positions and throwing myself on stage. ”


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