Between April and May of this year, in line with the first rainy of the season, the sale of waterproofing increased 121%, while purchases of products related to improvements to leaks grew 38%, according to data from Tul.

And it is that, according to the National Meteorological System, dependent on the National Water Commission, it is estimated that, for the season of rainy This year, between 30 and 40 cyclonic phenomena are expected to develop between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, of which at least five would impact Mexican territory.

Rocío Carrillo, category manager of Tul in Mexico, pointed out that historically, between May and September, 70% of the demand for waterproofing and materials to deal with the effects of rainy.

“The rainy they are unpredictable, they can be brought forward or delayed, but they will arrive and the important thing is that there is the correct supply for the clients”, emphasized the Tul board.

Under this expectation rainyfor Tul, an application for assortment of materials for tlapalerías and hardware stores, the increase in rainfall between April and May has already put homeowners on alert to protect their roofs, walls or walls, and even for floors and walls under construction.

It should be noted that on the market there are waterproofing with a durability of one to 10 years, which will depend on the price of the product, Tul recalled.

Waterproofing, preventive work

Gustavo Rocca, Sika’s business development manager, explained that the ideal is for the waterproofing of roofs is done before damage appears on the structures, because in this way a preventive treatment is given and not an attempt to repair.

In case you start the process of waterproofing in full season of rainythe specialist’s recommendation is to anticipate the climatic conditions and verify the instructions for use of the chosen product.

“In the case of waterproofing acrylic it must be foreseen that there is no rainy for the next 36 hours. exist waterproofing very fast-curing acrylics that can be applied and receive rainwater within five hours of application,” explained Rocca.

With or without leaks, take these steps into account

Among the specialist’s recommendations to start the process, you must first “heal” and clean the area where the product will be added.

“In the event that there are cracks, fissures or joints, they must be covered with a sealant, for which said cracks must be opened a minimum of six millimeters and a maximum of 12 millimeters to subsequently apply the product”, explained Gustavo Rocca.

Remember that for the waterproofing To achieve their effectiveness, it is necessary to apply them on concrete, mortar, tiles or brick surfaces, so in the case of metal surfaces such as sheets or plastic surfaces such as domes, the ideal is to look for another type of product.

Once you start the application process, if it is acrylic membranes, the process will be very similar to painting, but in the case of using prefabricated asphalt mantles, it will be necessary to have the support of a specialist with the appropriate equipment.

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