Surprising support

I read in the media little dispute over the fact that Prime Minister Legault publicly supported the Conservative candidate a few days before the federal election. I’m surprised and outraged, and I guess I’m not the only one.

Already being suggested by the Prime Minister for whom to vote is in itself paternalistic, we are adding to the insult by asking us to elect a minority Conservative government.

Would we be well represented by the Conservative Party, which wants to maintain oil exploitation and which is supported by the gun lobby? A party that represents the Christian religious right and whose majority of candidates are opposed to abortion and do not recognize climate change? Who wants to back down on environmental protection, women’s rights and the daycare system, an unarmed civil society?

Erin O’Toole presents himself as a progressive, but he is at the head of a party that displays retrograde positions, closer to the values ​​of the American right than to Quebec values.

Quebec is a distinct nation, that is to say, but not independent, we are still governed by federal laws and policies. Not to mention that if everyone votes for a minority government, they risk being a majority. Have we already forgotten the ten years of the Harper government, characterized by cuts in the scientific and artistic fields? Our motto is supposed to be “I remember”.

This support of Prime Minister Legault for Erin O’Toole risks undermining his capital of sympathy and perhaps costing him votes in the next election, if we remember …

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