Super Bowl 2022 will require more disbursement from Mexicans

Mexicans will spend approximately 170,000 pesos if they want to experience the superbowl live and will leave an estimated spill of 3 million pesos to the city of Los Angeles, according to data from agencies specializing in travel and shared spaces.

According airbnba digital platform dedicated to the offer of tourist accommodation, the fans of Mexico who booked through this company will leave an economic spill of about 150,000 dollars (3 million pesos) the weekend of the Super Bowl in Los Angeles, California.

On average there will be three guests from Mexico per reservation, who will spend approximately 372 dollars (7,600 pesos) per night on the hotel rate. Until February 2, the main places of origin of the Mexicans who had booked were the Mexico City, Monterey Y Guadalajara.

For its part, the travel company Despegar estimated that traveling to superbowl 2022 will cost 170,000 pesos per person. The value includes approximately 5,507 pesos for a round flight, lodging for three nights starting at 6,623 pesos, car rental for 2,480 pesos, food for four days for 6,600 pesos, an activity in the city for 1,903 pesos; the most important disbursement being the cost of the ticket estimated at 146,664.

The estimated amount of the trip to the host city of the superbowl increased by 73% compared to what the company calculated in 2019, which took into account 60,860 pesos in one of the cheapest tickets for the game, 7,678 pesos for a round-trip flight from Mexico City to Atlanta, 24,890 pesos for accommodation for three nights and car rental for four days for 4,290 pesos.

In 2020, El Financiero recorded that traveling to the match that was based in Miami cost between 122,000 and 150,000 pesos, considering an amount of between 93,000 and 200,000 pesos at the entrance to the match. In the 2021 edition, travel restrictions were highly controlled due to the pandemic factor, only 22,000 of the 75,000 seats at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida could be distributed, of which 7,500 were given to health personnel.

The main difference is the cost of the ticket. According to data compiled by El Economista, for this edition of the superbowl that they will star rams Y Bengals at SoFi Stadium, tickets will break a record by reaching an average cost of 10,237 dollars (209,780 pesos). The most expensive tickets are quoted at 100,000 dollars (2 million pesos) for the VIP suite areas, while the cheapest are at 6,000 (123,000 pesos).

Staying in Mexico often also represents an expense, although at much lower levels. In 2021, the National Alliance of Small Businesses (Anpec) estimated that Mexicans would spend approximately 2,604 pesos during Super Bowl LV if they decided to buy food, such as pizza, wings, and snacks, and beverages, such as soda and beer. Meanwhile, if the food was prepared at home, the disbursement would be 2,104 pesos.

Two years ago, the Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism in Small of Mexico City (Canacope) estimated that consumption related to the 2020 Super Bowl was going to generate an estimated economic benefit of 740 million pesos in Mexico City. His survey indicated that an average family would invest between 600 and 1,000 pesos in products such as beer, wine, liquor, snacks, hamburgers, sushi, pizza, among other foods classified as fast food.


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