The last showers to have sprinkled Quebec will be history with the beautiful sunny weather that sets in for the weekend of Saint-Jean-Baptiste, when temperatures will exceed 30 degrees in the south of the province.

The weather will nevertheless be marked by dense clouds in the center of the province, while in the southwestern sectors the clearing should give rise to sunny spells with rising mercury.

The weather conditions will undoubtedly be better for Saturday, in the sense that the weather will be sunny in southern and central Quebec, while in the eastern sectors of the province the clouds will be more present.

For Saturday, Environment Canada predicts summer temperatures of 31 degrees with a Humidex of 36 in places in the south of the province, notably in Montreal, while in Estrie and Quebec the mercury will be around 25 degrees and a Humidex of 30.

The sky will be variable for Sunday for several sectors, but the mercury will still be on the rise, while the weather will be sunny in eastern Quebec, especially in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, according to forecasts from the federal agency.



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