Sponsored by TikTok, on Facebook the attraction to the young

Desdeñado por los jóvenes, que prefieren TikTok, to the giant of social media Facebook the question will attract the generation of 15-25 years, as well as the deceptive results of its case matrix, Meta, manifestation puser.

The indisputable leader of the social speeches lost during the first time in its history 1 million registered users active in the last quarter, with 1,929 million subscribers to 2021 finals.

Hasta ahora, Facebook había logrado compensates its subscribers in North America with new registrations in other parts of the world, comments Vincent Reynaud-Lacroze, director general of the communication agency We Are Social.

“We will observe a point of inflection of the red, just as the group has invested miles of millions and hopes to reinvent itself with metaverso”, explains, an innovation from which Meta todavía has not benefited.

His founder and wife, Mark Zuckerberghe admits: “the people have many options to pass the time, and applications like TikTok are very fast growing”.

Well, even though Facebook is the most used social network in the world, it has nothing to do with the fulgurant rise of its Chinese competitor, whether all among the young.

According to the 2022 newsletter of the We Are Social agency, TikTok has 650,000 new users every day in the last quarter of 2021, also every second. Its active user number presents a 45% increase.

The billing of their matriculation house, Bytedance, is increased by 70% in one year, raising the 58,000 million dollars.

Baby boom users

“This exchange is explained by the inability of Facebook to capture [adeptos] “Generation Z”, between 15 and 25 years old, “said Vincent Reynaud-Lacroze. [nacidos durante el “baby boom” de los 1960]”, bromea, then the media media of the Facebook users is more high.

“When the padres lie to a social red, the jovenes huyen a otra in which puedan tener his propio space”, apunta Flavilla Fongang, founder of the agency specialized in communication of brand 3 Colors Rule, in London.

The girls have adapted it quickly to the codes and functions of TikTok, where they can express their creativity with choreographies or musical extracts, dice Fongang.

“One can create a viral content even if only one or two followers […] and tener, as in Twich, interacts with perfect desconocidos “, aggregated Fongang.

In a prime moment, in TikTok practically only young girls, but each time more adults use.

The sale of Instagram

To reach the other page, Meta has posted on Instagram, a very popular song that does not have the dynamic dynamics of the Chinese application.

In 2021, Instagram has 250 million users and has 1,400 million, which allows the group to relate to its poor results. Aún así, the oath of his public on Instagram is more heterogeneous, as in Whatsapp.

Meta added the “Reels” function to Instagram, with the ability to create short videos that appear on TikTok, and this is added to its users, even if it does not increase the level of remuneration that generates classic formats.

Además, Instagram allows the “influencers” to propose page submissions to their followers, with the idea of ​​attracting and trusting the content creators and who are not Youtube o TikTok.

The results of the hiccups are that these actions of the giant giant are declining by 24% on Wall Street, but are becoming the dominant social network at the global level.

“It lost a million users 2,000 million,” said Reynaud-Lacroze.



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