Spanish bishop resigns to live with erotic and satanic book writer

The conservative bishop packed his bags. On August 23, Mgr Xavier Novell Gomà, resigned from his post in Spain, for personal reasons, he said. A few weeks later, the reason was revealed: it was here. love, unreasonable for a writer of erotic and satanic novels, moreover divorced The bishop at 52 years old, the beautiful 38. The affair makes a lot of noise in the diocese of Solsona, in Catalonia.

_ “He was very, very radical and conservative, _ affirms Fermi Manteca, so the fact that he went away with a woman was a huge surprise. “

The bishop of Solsona was indeed noted for his virulent positions against gay marriage and abortion. Bishop Novell moved in with Silvia Caballol, who is also a psychologist. The one who was the youngest bishop of Spain would now be possessed by the demon, assure his colleagues. The Pope himself would have asked him to be exorcised, according to the same sources, but love has reasons that the Church does not know …

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