Spain has performed 180 euthanasia in the first year of application of the law

In Spain, a total of of 180 euthanasia and 22 of those people have donated their organs in the first year of application of the law. “Thanks to that generosity, 68 transplants have been carried out”, as highlighted by the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, this Friday at the commemorative act ‘One year of the euthanasia law’ on the occasion of the first anniversary of its entry in force. The minister has asked the communities that they go “at the same rhythm” so that all people have the same rights “live where they live”.Darias has welcomed the act of “something very special”: one year from the provision of a right included in the National Health System after a “historic demand”. “Between all of us we have contributed to a more humane, just and decent society.” Likewise, he has indicated that it is “the culmination of a collective process” and has praised the “tireless work of many people; of patients and relatives who accompanied them on that trip, but also of the health personnel“.

The minister has also alluded to the regular meetings held with the guarantee commissions of the different autonomous communities to know “the implementation of this right in the first year”. While waiting for the definitive data, he has revealed that 180 euthanasias have been carried out in the first year of the law’s validity. “Of this number, 22 people have donated their organsthanks to your generosity, 68 transplants have been carried out”. And he has taken advantage of the occasion to ask the communities to go at the same pace.

“More inclusive and universal”

With the entry into force of this law, the National system of health “It is more inclusive and universal since it has included this right as one more provision in the portfolio of services. It is the culmination of a collective process, of a claim from a long time ago that the Government of Pedro S├ínchez has responded to,” The head of the Ministry of Health has underlined.

However, according to the association Right to die with dignity (DMD), collected from its partners or people who contact the group or published by the autonomous communities, the enforcement of the law has been very unequal depending on the territory.

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Catalonia and Basque Country They are at the head, with 60 and 25 euthanasias respectively, while Madrid and Andalusia are at the bottom with 19 requests attended to the first and 11 in the second. And it is that both autonomies took months to set up the Guarantee Commission that must authorize each euthanasia.

Spain is the sixth country in the world that has legalized this practice, although other states allow assisted suicide and others are in process. Spanish law makes it so easy for the patient to self-administer the drug that causes death under medical supervision (assisted suicide) such as euthanasia: the administration by the doctor of the substance to the terminally ill.

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