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As hospitals in Regina and Saskatoon are at or more capacity, the province said some patients may need to be transferred to rural hospitals.

Saskatchewan Health Minister Paul Merriman said at a news conference on Monday, January 24, 2022 that we may have to move an individual on a temporary basis and that we are not there yet.

Scott Moe, Saskatchewan’s premier, elaborated on Merriman’s remarks, saying at the moment hospital facilities in Saskatoon and Regina are working after they have probably done so slightly beyond their capacity.

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“We may have to move some of our family members to … another place,” said Prime Minister Moe. “For example, perhaps a nearby rural community where we do have … beds available to relieve some of the pressure and enable us to truly utilize the full provincial capacity we have, as opposed to just the two largest centers. “

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It was a decision that does not sit lightly for one rural leader. Humboldt, Sask., Is one of the centers the province is considering using patient transfers.

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Michael Behiel, mayor of Humboldt, said it was frustrating that the province could find the ability to drop off at rural centers, but when it comes to recruiting resources, they are told it is best suited for urban centers rather as the rural areas.

“It came to the fore and said they were going to drop patients off at Humboldt, and I said, ‘You don’t want to give us anything to deal with … our issues of mental illness, addiction, homelessness,'” Behiel said.

“[The government] says we do not need extra funding for that … but now you say we can not handle the people in the city, so we are going to dump them in the rural areas. ”

It is not known when possible patient transfer will take place, but the province said they will only activate these plans if absolutely necessary.

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Hospitalizations have more than tripled since January 1 and are expected to continue to climb in next month. According to the province, levels are currently manageable.

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COVID-19: Two Saskatoon hospitals on capacity, according to internal email

COVID-19: Two Saskatoon Hospitals with Capacity, According to Internal Email – January 18, 2022

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