Softec foresees an investment of $481,000 million in the real estate segment during this 2022

During this year, the investment in the segment real estate could reach 481,000 million pesos, driven mainly by the development of housing in the country and the construction of new Hotels, according to an estimate by the consulting firm Softec.

According to Gene Towle, partner-director of Softec, only in terms of housing, the firm foresees an investment close to 265,000 million pesos, while the holiday home, which has been dynamic in recent years, could add to that amount about 64,168 million pesos.

“Real estate investment this year in Mexico will be 481,000 million pesos, of which 265,000 million will be in the housing segment and vacation homes continue to have a very important expansion in Mexico,” said Towle during his participation in a forum of the Real Estate Sharks platform.

Regarding home sales, the specialist indicated that a placement of about 182,468 units is expected, which, although it is a 14% contraction compared to the 214,194 placed in 2021, is also an opportunity to generate housing projects with a value of less than 400,000 pesos, which before the pandemic had little growth prospects.

“In housing, in the main 100 cities in the country, we have to build 3.6 million new homes… the greatest demand will be for housing for less than 400,000 pesos, because you have to build housing for what people earn,” Towle said. .

According to Softec estimates, investment in housing would represent 55% of the total expected for the real estate sector in 2022, while vacation homes would occupy 13%, the hotel sector 9%, industrial spaces 9%, the industrial sector 8.8% and that of offices, which has been the hardest hit by the pandemic, 2.9 percent.

The specialist highlighted the potential of the industrial spaces segment, given the greater interconnectivity that the Mexican economy has with that of U.S, which little by little leaves its dependence on the market of China.

“So Mexico has been capturing this growth in demand for industrial space, which is moving from China to the United States,” Towle said.

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