It was only a matter of time before Simon Boulerice and his hyperactive pen offered teenagers a first television series. The work in question, “Six degrees”, which will be online on Thursday, March 4, calls out with its great sensitivity and its tender and fair universe.

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Author of countless novels and books, scriptwriter for “Passe-Partout”, lecturer in schools (and collaborator on “This year” and “Sucré salé”), Simon Boulerice knows how to speak to young audiences without condescension or sentimentality. “Six degrees” is part of this line of human and sincere creations.

Leon (endearing Noah Parker, seen in “The Fault” and “The Breakaway”) is 16 and almost blind; his visual acuity is limited to six degrees, with one eye, the equivalent of the hole in a straw … but he “sees farther than everyone else,” his mother told him. The perception of the boy is also very well illustrated in the story.

His difference does not prevent Leon from collecting the 100% in his exams, which his overprotective and lonely mother (Catherine Trudeau) makes him pass, who teaches him at home, and from whom Leon wishes to free himself, like any teenager his age.

Sudden death

However, the day she suddenly dies of an allergic reaction, Leon’s life is turned upside down.

At the funeral, he meets Francis (Alexandre Goyette), who is presented to him as “a good friend” of his mother, but who turns out to be his father, whom he has never known.

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Léon is then forced to pack his boxes to go and live with the author of his days and the family he has built. A large blended Latin-Quebec family, teeming with life, noisy, unlike what Leon has always experienced. A clan where we bicker as much as we love each other. A half-brother, Ricardo (Anthony Therrien), who will be jealous of him, and a half-sister, Bélinda (Evelyne Laferrière), who will be rather inspired by his nonchalance, will be waiting for him.


Then, by setting foot in school for the first time, Léon will be taken in by Doris (Léanne Désilets), a somewhat invasive comrade, and will befriend Florence (Amaryllis Tremblay), who has cystic fibrosis and which will lead to the local “Zandicapés”.

We will be able to watch “Six degrees” on ICI Extra from Thursday March 4. A second season is already filming.

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