Simeone and the Champions

It has been so great what he has managed to do Simeone At Atlético de Madrid, it seems heresy to question some of his ideas this season. No, criticizing the calamitous journey of his team in the Champions League, in the absence of the agonizing last day, is not to doubt any of the above, neither the brilliant past nor the good present in the League. Not even that he is a great coach.

On Wednesday Atletico offered its worst version in years. It is not that he was not comfortable, that he was not from the first minute, it is that he did not know how to read the game and when his coach wanted to tie the tie, his rashness punished him with a defeat that puts him on the edge of the precipice. Winning a match of 5, Atleti is where it belongs.

With Liverpool winning 2-0 at Porto, the draw was as valid a result as the victory. When the Cholo decided to replace Griezmann by Kondogbia he was sending a very clear message to his players. A message of fear. What little decent he had done so far had passed through the Frenchman’s boots. It turned against him shortly after.

Portrayed in the photo

With Milan winning, Simeone He “greeted” the Italian fans with his arms in the air, blowing them kisses. The gesture of frustration. With the best squad in recent years he is not managing to get the performance that he was presumed to be. It can be lost like Liverpool’s day, human mistakes can be made like that night. But neither against Porto, nor against Milan, Atleti has had a plan. Neither attack nor defend. Nor with Savic nor without him. Nor handle a draw that opened the way. An absurdity before a hobby that had once again filled the field waiting for another script.

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He said Cholo that the players did not know the result of Liverpool. Minutes later the Team-manager Thomas Reñones assured in Movistar + that they knew at all times what was happening in the other game. The second makes more sense than the first.

After Lisbon and Milan it seemed that the Champions “owed” one to the Cholo. Thus it will be impossible to collect the debt. If he is the leader in the titles, he is also portrayed in this year’s European photo.

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