Silvia Pinal hospitalized after testing positive for Covid-19

The actress Silvia Pinal, muse of the Spanish-Mexican filmmaker Luis Bunuel and with a vast career in television and theater, he was hospitalized due to complications from Covid-19, his family reported this Thursday.

Pinal, 90, was admitted to a private hospital in Mexico City on Wednesday after suffering a sudden drop in her heart rate. After being examined, the actress tested positive for Covid-19their children explained.

“Everything could be complications of the covid, we believe that it was during the weekend that it became infected,” said Luis Enrique Guzman, one of Pinal’s sons, to a TV Azteca show program.

Before hospitalization, the actress had had arrhythmia problems and shortness of breath so her doctor suggested admitting her to be able to observe her in detail.

According to her son, Pinal is in good spirits and spoke with them while she was being transferred in an ambulance, in addition to already has the complete scheme of the vaccine against Covid-19.

“My mother is very wise, she never smoked, so she has a very strong heart. The thing is to wait to see the covid and it is mild, then the doctor is also positive,” said singer Alejandra Guzmán, another of their daughters.

Her children also reported that she will be fitted with a pacemaker to help stabilize her heart rate.

Pinal, whose extensive career began in the theater and film in the late 1940s, achieved his consecration as the protagonist of a trilogy of films by Buñuel: Viridiana (1961), The Exterminating Angel (1962) and Simón del Desierto (1964 ).

On television, she was the star of variety shows and soap operas, but achieved greater fame before new audiences as a presenter and producer of “Woman, real life cases”, which aired from 1985 to 2007.

In recent years she has had sporadic participation in film, theater and television, in addition to being active as a union leader and activist of the Mexican actors and interpreters union.

She married four times and had four children, two of them -Luis Enrique and Alejandra- with the pioneer of rock in Spanish and also an actor. Enrique Guzman.

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