Shopping centers in Puebla recover 2,000 jobs; expect further reactivation with El Buen Fin

Puebla, Pue. With the start of El Buen Fin, as of this Wednesday, October 10, the Association of Shopping Centers of Puebla (Acecop) has managed to recover 2,000 of 3,500 jobs lost after the total reopening of activities on October 15, said the director of the organization, Andrés De La Luz Espinoza.

He commented that if they continue with this rhythm of activity, the rest of the positions could be able to recover the 1,500 missing jobs by next December, as long as there is no regrowth of Covid-19 contagions.

He mentioned that the jobs recovered are positions of cleaning personnel, maintenance, security guards and seasonal workers.

“Since commercial and social activities were reopened to 100%, an increase has been noted that has also been reflected in the recovery of premises closed due to the Covid-19 health emergency, when 350 out of 700 reopened, considering that among the 77 complex partners group 5,500 ”, he deepened.

The eleventh edition of The good end, which will be from November 10 to 16, he stressed, will help catalyze the reactivation, since an economic spill of 6,000 million pesos is expected, saying that shopping centers generate 60% of sales in that season.

The director of the Acecop He said that 70% of the visitors come from neighboring states such as Tlaxcala, Tabasco, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Morelos, Veracruz and Querétaro, because there are large shopping centers, which represent a second option to visit after a tourist attraction.

In this context, he estimated that in the days that the campaign will last, they expect to receive 2 million visitors, which is positive because there will be guaranteed consumption for restaurants and other service businesses.

He mentioned that the sales goal of 8,500 million pesos by the commercial sector in general can be met without problem, since throughout the year the families were measured in their purchases and will take advantage of the Good End for the promotions and discounts that there will be .

Sanitary measures

He reiterated that health measures have not been relaxed, but on the contrary are reinforced by the mobility of people there, especially at the weekend due to the special sales campaign.

De La Luz Espinoza said that shopping centers were looking forward to this season, but he still called on shoppers to make reasoned purchases so as not to incur more than a year of debt.

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