Shiba Inu aims to reach 5.3 billion people worldwide and introduce SHIB

Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer behind Shiba Inu (SHIB), recently offered insight into a pioneering endeavor within the project, aiming to transform digital identity. In collaboration with domain name startup D3, Kusama has detailed a strategic plan designed to propel the Shiba Inu ecosystem to the forefront of the Internet, introducing top-level domains (TLDs) under “.shib” .

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Shiba Inu: a new collaboration with D3

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Kusama highlighted the recent partnership between SHIB and D3, a reputable domain name startup. This collaboration aims to redefine perceptions of digital identity by applying for an exclusive .shib top-level domain (TLD). The ambitious goal is to “invade the Internet,” creating a digital landscape that seamlessly integrates the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

Potential impact on digital identity

Pending approval, the .shib domain could leverage existing infrastructure used by more than 5.3 billion people worldwide. Kusama highlighted the versatile applications of this field, envisioning Shiba Inu holders using it to host websites and e-commerce platforms, facilitate digital asset transactions and communications, verify identities, and establish new usernames. The .shib domain aspires to offer a complete solution to users in the SHIB community.

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Strategic move into Web3

Kusama highlighted the remarkable increase in the number of internet users by 198 million over the past year. Recognizing users’ familiarity with domains in the Web3 space, he suggested that integrating .shib domains could seamlessly improve the user experience within the SHIB ecosystem.

The launch of the .shib domain

D3 introduced .shib domain initiative last month. This aligns with Shiba Inu’s vision of pioneering innovation in the digital identity space. The strategic partnership with D3 involves seeking approval from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to establish the .shib domain. Despite the complex verification process, D3 expresses confidence in obtaining approval.

Steps to pre-register

To streamline the pre-registration process, D3 has launched an early access program for members of the Shiba Inu community. Interested parties can use the D3 app search tool to check the availability of their preferred .shib domain names. Upon successful availability, users can choose to pre-register for early access by providing an email address and completing the registration process.

Shiba Inu’s collaboration with D3 to introduce the .shib domain marks a substantial step forward in the project’s quest to redefine digital identity. If approved, this initiative will have far-reaching implications. It provides SHIB holders with a unique and multifaceted domain to interact with the broader Internet landscape. As the SHIB community eagerly awaits further developments, the project serves as a pioneer in innovation in the space.

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