Sex, lies and videotapes in Malasaña

The lesbophobic aggression against the Devermuts was false and the homophobic aggression against the boy from Malasaña has also turned out to be false. These things produce what I call an effect rice pudding: I never know if I like it or dislike it. And with this I am also confused, as a Dinio Anyone in the middle of the night

On the one hand, I am very glad that both attacks did not occur. It is good news to know, thanks to the videos and despite their lies, that two women can kiss quietly in a bar without being thrown out or harassed. And also be rude and impertinent thugs and that, indeed, they are evicted. Exactly like anyone. That’s what equality is about.

And it is very good news that an attack as brutal as the one that seemed to have occurred in the very center of Madrid and in broad daylight was nothing more than the disproportionate alibi of an infidel. I have now remembered the kidnapping of that boyfriend of Falete. How are the heads.

On the other hand, I am concerned about the ease and speed with which a piece of news is exploited by some irresponsible people in order to profit from it. The media tour of Fernando Grande-Marlaska In the case of Malasaña, to give an example, it has been shameful, irresponsible and unworthy, turning the legitimate condemnation of any violent act into a signal to the opposition, holding it responsible for it.

In order to obtain political benefit, even from misfortune, there is no hesitation in trivializing violence, in hyperbolizing a reality and overemphasizing a social alarm. Madrid is not an unsafe place for its people.

But I am also pleased that the farce is dismantled and the truth emerges. This shows the effectiveness of our security forces and bodies and how important the presumption of innocence is for the rule of law. Respecting the victim has little to do with blind belief in his unquestionable testimony, as some claim.

With a I do believe you made in Irene Montero of mandatory application and preventive guilty, today we would continue to think, overwhelmed, that a hooded minikukluxklan operates in Malasaña that is dedicated to violently assaulting all homosexuals with rage and impunity.

At the moment it saddens me that these two false cases are used to try to discredit an entire group, an entire movement and their demands. Because it is important that we do not lose sight of the fact that a just cause, no matter how despicably used by some for their own benefit, is still morally just. And that two attacks have turned out to be a lie does not necessarily imply that all are. It only implies that they are.

And right next, I am amused that the seams of meanness are exposed. We have seen the color of the panties of those who have been doing dialectical filigree since yesterday so as not to back down, so that reality does not spoil the headline or dismantle their column, saying I say and Rodrigo, and that they do not get off this donkey.

Anyone would say that they intimately rejoice with every misfortune that triggers the counter of hatred, in its immense benevolence, because the cause needs heroes and, each volcano, a goat.

And it amazes me that a government very concerned about fake news continue to maintain the anti-hate commission, despite the fact that the complaint is false, and it has not already launched itself to calm the population and lower the apocalyptic tone, to deactivate Defcon 2 for all the identity movements that they themselves have promoted.

Let’s not forget that in March 2020, taking advantage of the state of alarm and through a ministerial order, the State security forces and bodies were allowed to close websites or network accounts to “prevent and minimize disinformation”, without judicial intervention , because the social stress caused by false messages and information had to be avoided at all costs.

We did not finish this rice pudding.

Bonus track: A boy with a mask poses for the photo with a banner that reads “that a lie does not shut up your truth.” It’s the perfect epitome of an era, but he doesn’t know it. In those we are: your truth is the truth. If you believe it, it is. And if it is, it IS. You don’t need to prove it. Anyone who denies your truth, THE TRUTH, does so out of sheer and genuine evil. And there is no more. Riau, riau.

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