In the remainder of the year, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) plans to make supervision visits in 40,000 work centersthis is the goal set by the dependency in its Inspection Program 2022. 80% of these exercises will be extraordinary inspections.

In addition to this, the authority estimates that alternative mechanisms to inspection, such as the new voluntary verification program, will have a scope of 3,260 work centers that will certify compliance with labor regulations.

The inspection program in force for this year includes seven strategies that, among other specific actions, includes the supervision focused on:

  • Productive sectors with high-risk activities
  • Compliance with the minimum wage, Christmas bonus and distribution of profits
  • New rules for subcontracting specialized services
  • Verification of procedures for the legitimation of collective contracts
  • Unify the criteria for the imposition of sanctions
  • Follow-up to the attention of complaints and citizen reports
  • Permanently carry out the analysis and crossing of the information contained in the Registry of Providers of Specialized Services or Specialized Works (Repse)
  • Start the operation of the accreditation system for good labor practices and decent work
  • Specialized training for inspectors
  • Reduction of the terms for the attention of the measures identified during the federal inspections

“During fiscal year 2022, the Decent Work Unit, through the General Directorate of Federal Labor Inspection and the Federal Labor Representation Offices, will carry out inspections aimed at supervision of companies that are registered in the Public Registry of Contractors of Specialized Services or Specialized Works, to the beneficiaries of their services and in those Work Centers that by any means are aware of any possible breach related to said provisions, ”states the STPS in The document.

The training that the inspectors will receive, the agency points out, will help “standardize the action criteria” in the verification exercises; on the other hand, the Ministry of Labor will establish a supervision program to strengthen the performance of public servants involved in inspections.

Emphasis on voluntary verification

This year the STPS implemented the new Voluntary Labor Verification Programan alternative mechanism to inspection that allows work centers to accredit before the dependency their level of compliance in general working conditions, safety and health at work, training and instruction, among other regulations.

In its annual inspection program, the Secretary of Labor estimates that this new program will impact 2,000 work centers At the end of the year.

As part of the adjustments to the legal framework of the inspections carried out by the agency, the authority seeks that companies that prove their compliance through the voluntary compliance programs that the new inspection regulations contemplate advisory and technical assistance visits to work centers that certify their compliance through voluntary verification programs.

These advisory visits are focused on these companies because by accrediting their compliance with the program, they will be exempt from receiving ordinary inspections.

“The Decent Work Unit through the General Directorate of Social Welfare and the Federal Labor Representation offices assisted by the General Directorate of Federal Labor Inspection, promote and strengthen decent work in work centers, promoting among said centers the benefits of alternative mechanisms to inspection and voluntary compliance, with the use of technologies in order to expand the coverage of verified work centers”, indicates the agency in its inspection program .


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