‘Secret Story’: Sandra Pica is saved and Luca keeps Julen’s sphere

The upcoming expulsion from ‘Secret Story’ it’s only a matter of two people. Sandra Pica fell from the list of candidates to leave the house of secrets this week after saving herself by being the least voted nominee by viewers at the ‘Countdown’ gala broadcast this Tuesday.

In this way, the former participant of the second edition of ‘The island of temptations’ manages to stay at least one more week in Guadalix de la Sierra, leaving the final duel for the expulsion of this next Thursday between Canales Rivera and Julen, who is facing a nomination for the first time in this edition of the Telecinco and Zeppelin reality show (‘GH VIP’, ‘Susi Free’, ‘Radio Gaga’).

“I have assumed that the one who is pirated is me. I’m going to enjoy until Thursday night with my colleagues and that’s it,” said the former participant of ‘MYHYV’ after knowing the salvation of Sandra Pica at the end of the gala.

Luca keeps Julen’s sphere after he misses his secret

On the other hand, the seventh gala of ‘Secret Story: Countdown’ left us another transfer of spheres. Before receiving a visit from his brother Gianmarco and making his life line, Luca Onestini kept Julen’s sphere after they failed to bet that the Italian’s secret was that he had made love in a mortuary.

This was not the only sphere that Luca added to his particular personal account. Moments after Julen’s failed bet, andl Italian consolidated himself as the contestant with the most spheres (8) by finding another one inside the ball pool in which the new game was held this Tuesday.

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