Second ridicule of ERC with the armor, by Xavier Bru de Sala

Not only does Esquerra deny Tarradellas, according to which “in politics everything can be done except ridiculous & rdquor ;, but according to what we can see, in politics it can be done ridicule, even if it is an identical ridiculous twice, with total impunity. Indeed, the ‘ironclad’ defense of Catalan in the cinema was already a battle horse just over ten years ago, at the end of the second tripartite, when culture and language were the responsibility of the Republicans. The media uproar was tremendous. The controversy, perhaps more embroiled. Expectations, stratospheric.

The Ciutadella approved, and by a large majority despite the fuss of the ‘majors’, some mirific quotas. 50% of the production dubbed into Catalan or subtitled. Bells on the fly. Standardization was finally coming to theaters. Well, as you all know, and although they are not happy in the least, it has never been fulfilled even one hundredth of a hundredth part, among other reasons because the Generalitat itself abstained from developing the law with the corresponding regulation, and withdrew because a prudent Artur Mas gave up facing the giants with a cracked cane spear. Not without a state. Mission impossible even from a small state or even a medium-sized one. The laws that govern here are those of the market. Who does not pay does not send.

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Shortly after hanging that so showy brass medal, ERC accompanied the PSC in the prodigious electoral roll that put an end to the tripartites, without the so fierce and forceful as useless defense of the Catalan act as a palliative. Similarly, Gabriel Rufián’s strenuous career to bring water from the platforms to the Catalan mill suffers, as has been seen even earlier than was convenient, the small problem that the means of transport is a basket. A basket that before leaving the container of Congress has already lost more than half of its precious liquid. And he will lose everything without the ridicule of ERC affecting the polls. Not for the better. Not bad.

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