Sebastián Rulli ex-partner death: Regrets his death

  • Sebastián Rulli is in mourning
  • His former soap opera partner dies
  • It is about the Argentine Agustina Posse

“He says goodbye to a great companion. Argentine actor Sebastián Rulli is in mourning after the unfortunate death of a former partner and telenovela actress, the handsome model says goodbye to what was one of the main actresses he worked with in his native Argentina, where he began his career like actor.


Currently Sebastián Rulli lives one of the most successful times in his artistic career, thanks to his dozens of telenovelesque productions in which he has been lately, both inside and outside of Mexico, without forgetting the prosperous and solid relationship he has with the also actress Angelique Boyer for years, becoming the favorite of many within the show business.

Sebastián Rulli mourns the death of former soap opera partner

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Unfortunately for the actor, not everything has been rosy, since it was announced that Sebastián Rulli is in mourning after reporting the sad news of the death of one of his former Argentine colleagues, it is Agustina Posse, who died a few years ago. days in his native Argentina.

According to the portal The stars, Angelique Boyer’s husband mourned the death of this Argentine actress with whom he shared credits in the project “Roller coaster, another round”, an Argentine production from 1996, in which both participated long before Sebastián set foot on Mexican soil.

“Rest in peace”; Sebastián Rulli mourns the death of former telenovela partner

"Rest in peace";  Sebastián Rulli mourns the death of former telenovela partner
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Through his official Instagram account, the Argentine actor, Sebastián Rulli fired his great companion, who had died just a few days ago, after it became known that he was in intensive care due to an aneurysm in a hospital in Argentina, home country of both.

Through his Instagram stories, the protagonist of Mexican soap operas published a photograph of his ex-partner Agustina Posse, while the caption put the following message: “May Agustina Posse rest in peace”, thus saying goodbye to his great novel companion. .

“One more angel in heaven”; Sebastián Rulli mourns the death of former telenovela partner

"One more angel in heaven";  Sebastián Rulli mourns the death of former telenovela partner
PHOTO: Sebastián Rulli

After this unfortunate death of an ex-partner, the actor Sebastián Rulli began to rain endless messages of support after this departure: “What a difficult moment”, “one more angel in heaven”, “what sadness, but now he cares for them from Heaven ”,“ a lot of strength ”,“ my condolences to all his family and loved ones ”.

As mentioned a few lines before, Agustina Posse lost her life at the age of 46, a victim of a brain aneurysm, which kept her in intensive care for several days, leaving her two children, Juan and Francisco, orphans of their mother. his former manager Yaco González.

After suffering an aneurysm, Sebastián Rulli announced the death of his former partner and Argentine actress

After suffering an aneurysm, Sebastián Rulli announced the death of his former partner and Argentine actress
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It was on September 14 when it was announced that this actress and ex-partner of Sebastián Rulli was very delicate in the hospital, after she was admitted to intensive care after having suffered an aneurysm. Unfortunately Agustina Posse, protagonist of series such as Popular Gasolero or De corazón, released in the 90s, he died.

According to the Argentine newspaper The nation, It was last Thursday, September 9, around midnight, when it was announced that the Argentine actress Agustina Posse had an aneurysm and was transferred to the Diagnostic Institute, where she underwent emergency surgery.

He was in intensive care

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Yaco González, ex-partner of Argentine actress Agustina Posse, argued that there was not much information about it yet, but that they expected Argentina’s health to improve: “There is not much more information. The doctors did everything they had to do for Agustina to get ahead ”, declared the father of her two children for the newspaper La Nación, unfortunately that never happened.

The manager also explained a little about the aneurysm his ex-partner was going through, arguing that it had been a fairly silent disease: “The aneurysm is a malformation of the cerebral arteries, a silent disease that was described thanks to bleeding.”

Agustina Posse was in intensive care for aneurysm

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Given this, Yaco González, Agustina Posse’s ex-husband, commented that they would be difficult days, but he hopes that the Argentine actress will get ahead little by little and as the days go by she will be discharged from intensive care: “They covered it up and now we must wait for these difficult days to pass. It is a day to day ”.

Finally, her former manager comments that she remains positive about the situation, and confesses that Agustina has been receiving very good energy, something that will undoubtedly help her a lot in her recovery: “It will be difficult, but we are doing a lot of strength and there is a lot of love going around, wishing he would come out of this bad dream ”, unfortunately days after he announced his death, the actor Sebastián Rulli lamenting it.

“We fall in love”

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Before this unfortunate event was made known, the Argentine actress, who died after being in intensive care due to an aneurysm, explained in an interview for the portal of The nation her situation with Yaco González, with whom she procreated her two children, Juana, 20, and Francisco, 16:

“We parted ways a little over two years ago. We were together for twenty years and we have a good relationship, in addition to being a very present dad. We met on the series Gasoleros, in 1998, we didn’t make friends until we fell in love, and from the first night we were together we haven’t been separated any more until 20 years later ”.

He told how he lost his job

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During this interview with the portal The nation, Agustina Posee had commented that she had great desires to go back to work, but that the opportunities had not presented themselves for the moment, until a time came when she decided to stay at home with the care of her two children:

“Everyone asks me if I got away from the environment to dedicate myself to my children, but no, I don’t know what happened. I worked a lot when my children were young but less when they were older, but not by choice. It happened like this. The truth is that I have no explanation. My desire to work was there, but since nothing appeared, I stayed at home ”.

Was always present

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“Then I got very angry, and somehow, I resigned myself, I put on my apron and dedicated myself fully to the house and the boys, the truth is that I enjoyed it a lot”, concluded at that time the Argentine actress Agustina Posee, who died after being in intensive care for suffering an aneurysm and of which Sebastián Rulli regretted his death.

The portal The nation argues that the family has gone through extremely difficult times, since last June Teresa, Yaco González’s mother, passed away before this unfortunate event, Agustina Posse despite no longer being with her son, was a very present daughter-in-law, and was the “first to run to offer her help when Teresa needed it.

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