Sask. group calls for shared responsibility to prevent sexual violence

The Regina and Area Sexual Assault Center wants to shed light on the ways people are affected by sexual violence every day.

“It really focuses on the fact that typically unseen ways that feminine-identifying individuals will alter their habits shape their behavior to protect themselves from sexualized violence,” Chantelle Priel said.

Priel said people use protective tactics almost instinctually, such as never leaving a drink unattended in public, parking under a streetlight or carrying keys as a weapon when walking alone.

However, the group says those strategies people are ineffective, as 85 per cent of victims know their perpetrator. Holding keys between your fingers is useless when faced with workplace sexual harassment, sexual abuse at the hands of a family member, or sexual assault perpetrated by an acquaintance or significant other, the group says.

Priel says everyone must take responsibility for creating safe environments free from sexualized violence and create supportive spaces to discuss abuse that occurred behind closed doors during the pandemic.

The group is running a #ChooseToSee awareness campaign across the province for the rest of the month.

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