According to the estimates of the bookstores associated with the Gremi de Llibreters de Catalunya, the best-selling books this Sant Jordi have been ‘Roma soy yo’, by Santiago Posteguilo, and ‘Benvolguda’, by Empar Moliner, in Spanish and Catalan, respectively.

These are the lists of the best-selling titles, by different categories.

Fiction in Spanish

‘I am Rome’, Santiago Posteguillo (Editions B)

‘The Black Book of Hours’, Eva García Saenz d’Urturi (Planet)

‘The Map of Wishes’, Alice Kellen (Planet)

‘Violeta’, Isabel Allende, (Plaza & Janés)

Fiction in Catalan

‘Benvolguda, Empar Moliner (Column Editions)

`’The monstre de Santa Helena’, Albert Sánchez Piñol (La Campana)

‘Mamut’, Eva Baltasar (Club Editor 1959)

‘When the paragraphs are erased’, Rafel Nadal (Columna Edicions)

Nonfiction in Spanish

‘In case the voices come back’, Ángel Martín (Planeta)

‘How to make good things happen to you’, Marian Rojas Estapé (Espasa)

‘The death told by a sapiens to a Neanderthal’, Juan José Millás / Juan Luis Arsuaga (Ediciones Alfaguara)

Nonfiction in Catalan

‘La Vall de la Llum’, Toni Cruanyes (Destiny)

‘The joy of life’, Sílvia Soler (Univers Llibres)

‘Crims: Llum a la foscor’, Carles Porta (The Bell)

Children’s and youth book in Spanish

Mike’s Perrerías 1. Mikecrack and the Cursed Star’, Mikecrack (MR Editions)

‘Before December’, Joana Marcús (Montena)

‘Semen is cool (but you need to know how it works)’, Anna Salvia / Cristina Torrón – Menstruita (Montena)

Children’s and youth book in Catalan

‘The princess, the dragon and the disarmed cavaller’, Joan Turu (El Cep i la Nansa edicions)

‘The wonderful and horrifying house of the iaia’, Meritxell Martí Orriols (Combel)

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