Sánchez encourages the debate on the reduction of quarantine: “It is a very important decision”

  • Health and the autonomies will study this afternoon if the isolation of the positives goes from 10 to 7 or 5 days

  • The president defends keeping a “balance” between health and the economy

The debate on reducing quarantines for those infected with coronavirus is already unstoppable. The Interterritorial Health Council, The body that brings together the top health officials of the Government and the autonomies, will take a decision this Wednesday afternoon, the Chief Executive announced, Pedro Sanchez, during his appearance to take stock of the year that is now ending.

Sánchez, who a week ago did not want to give his opinion on the need for the territories to approve restrictions due to the explosion of the omicron variant, has avoided positioning clearly about the need to shorten insulation of the positives, from the current ten to five or seven, in line with what has already been approved by countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. The president has referred to what the experts of the Alert Report have indicated and has transmitted his “Absolute respect & rdquor; to what the Ministry of Health and the autonomies decide. “This afternoon the decision will be made, we will wait for what the technicians tell us about a decision that is very important for many compatriots & rdquor ;, he has said.


Several autonomies consider that it has arrived the moment to take the step. Especially those governed by the PP, such as Madrid, Andalusia and Castilla y León. But also the president of Castilla la Mancha, Socialist Emiliano García-Page, defends the initiative, taking it a step further: he believes that in the case of asymptomatic positives, the isolation could even be shortened to three days, but always with an agreement between the Government and the territories. The government of Baleares, in the hands of the PSOE, it has defended the reduction of the quarantine this Wednesday. Y Catalonia It has also been partisan.

Proponents of the initiative offer of the argument types. On the one hand, of type epidemiological, since the omicron variant, being capable of infecting vaccinated people, usually brings with it mild, short-term, or directly asymptomatic symptoms. On the other, the reasons are also economic, since the enormous infectious capacity of omicron, with Spain breaking daily records of positives and the incidence already reaching over 1,300 cases, a unprecedented level, it could paralyze productive sectors and essential services.

During his appearance, Sánchez has advocated for maintaining a “Balance & rdquor; between health and the economy. Also, as on previous occasions in recent times, he has defended that this sixth wave of the pandemic in Spain is “distinta” to the previous ones, due to the high vaccination coverage. Despite the very high number of infections, the hospital occupation it is being much less than at other times.

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“It is evident that Spain and the world are not like a year ago. We are better because we are vaccinated. And we are seeing it in something that has been fundamental when we have had to make drastic decisions such as confinement. Now we must evaluate the evolution of hospitalizations and ICUs, and we have to learn to live and understand the virus with the ómicron & rdquor; variant, the president stressed.


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