Sánchez demands that Casado comply with the Constitution “from top to bottom” and to renew the Judicial Power

  • The president emphasizes that “to care“the 1978 text is to abide by it”from first to last“Article, and the leader of the PP accuses him of being the one who attacks her for her partners

  • Sánchez defends the “stability“in the face of possible electoral advances and remarks that there are” greater guarantees “to go through the winter due to the covid

Government and PP continue to exchange reproaches. Launching the accusation that whoever does not comply with the Constitution is the one in front. They pour messages publicly while little progress is made in private. This December 6, on the 43rd anniversary of the Magna Carta, the same thing happened: for Pedro Sánchez, “taking care of” the Basic Law means complying with it “from the pa“, a warning (another one) to the popular ones so that they agree to renew the General Council of the Judicial Power, stopped for more than three years. For Pablo Casado, it is impossible to speak of touching a comma from the 1978 text because he perceives even a “challenge to governance even by the government itself” and believes that its president is the one who has attacked it the most, by leading the country with United We Can and having ERC or EH Bildu as partners.

“Today is a good day to vindicate and remember everything that the Constitution brought us after an infamous time, of a very prolonged dictatorship. The Constitution brought us rights, freedoms where there was then a dictatorship. He brought us harmony and coexistence where before there was hatred and tyranny. It brought us our membership of the EU where before there was ostracism and isolation from the country. And it cost a lot, “proclaimed the Chief Executive upon his arrival in Congress, minutes before the solemn act for the 43 years of the Magna Carta, in Madrid’s Plaza de las Cortes, in the open air due to the restrictions that the covid continues to impose.

Precisely as “it cost a lot” to reach democracy, Sánchez pointed out, the new generations that have taken up the witness of the Constitution from those who fought for it have to “to care“the text of 1978.” If today we have to claim the doing of someone, it is that of millions of compatriots, fathers, mothers, grandparents and grandmothers who made possible “the Basic Law. From there he hung his main message:” Take care of our Constitution means, in my opinion, comply from top to bottom all the articles of the Constitution, from the first to the last “.

Sánchez addressed journalists in a small speech, lasting less than a minute and a half, and without questions. After the act in the Plaza de las Cortes, at the door of the Lions, he spoke for a few minutes with the press, and at that point he developed a little more isolation with the PP about the renewal of the Judicial Power. “Two don’t dance if one doesn’t want to“, insisted the president, acknowledging that he has no” contact “with Casado on this matter. That is, for the Executive, the PP is guilty of the fact that, three years later, the CGPJ remains stranded, which is a” flagrant breach “of the Constitution. And that this” unprecedented “situation is maintained is synonymous with” normalization “of that breach.

“Close a bad deal”

The two leaders agreed on Monday in Congress and came to greet each other – not like last year – but did not talk. But they showed, by their words, that the talks are stalled, as this newspaper published on Friday. The president put as proof of his disposition the pact that when the PP opened to renew four bodies (Constitutional Court, Court of Accounts, Ombudsman and Spanish Data Protection Agency), both formations were able to close a pact in hours. But the conversations around the CGPJ are stalled because the conservatives demand to reform the Organic Law of the Judicial Power so that the judges are the ones who elect their companions.

Casado, in his speech to the media (he did not stop with the journalists after the act), pointed out that there are issues on which the parties could agree, but not in a context of “challenge to governance& rdquor ;. The Constitution is, he said, the “solution to all problems & rdquor; that beset the country and cried out against an “almost suicidal revisionism”. The leader of the PP called to defend the Magna Carta “with a project in which we all fit & rdquor; and from which “los radicals& rdquor ;. Casado brought up the pardons to the inmates of the process and the “homologation of the political arm of ETA & rdquor; by the understanding of the Government with Bildu.

The leadership of the PP considers that not updating the composition of the CGPJ does not affect it electorally. Sources from Casado’s team insisted on Monday that what would penalize them against their supporters is “close a bad deal with the government“” We will change the law when we get to Moncloa and we will renew the Judiciary, “said those sources in one of the groups of the act.

Advance in Castilla y León and Andalusia?

Government sources, for their part, stressed that what is urgent, and what the European Commission demands is to renew the body, and that the PP does not have a majority in Congress to make its claim that the 12 members of the judicial turn they are not designated by the Chambers. The Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, recalled in fact that nowadays groups do not choose candidates from among the 5,500 judges in the country, but rather from members of a short payroll that they propose themselves.

Llop expressed to the journalists, in an informal conversation with them, his desire for the replacement to take place as soon as possible, and of course before the visit of the European Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, scheduled for next March, which is linked to the report that the Community Executive has to make on compliance with the rule of law of the Member States. The minister stressed that the EU demands, as a priority task, renewal, although it also talks about changing the law. In his opinion, Reynders should meet not only with the professional associations of judges, which are requesting the modification of the CGPJ’s election system, but with the rest of the legal operators.

This December 6 comes in a context of possible electoral advance in Castilla y León and Andalusia. The informants asked Sánchez and he pointed out, first, that it is the regional presidents, in those cases in which they govern with new generation statutes, those who have the prerogative to dissolve their parliaments in advance. And although he expressed his respect for the decisions they adopt, he stressed that what citizens want is “stability& rdquor; and that the elections take place every four years. You have to focus on “what’s important,” he said, and that means fighting the pandemic and pursuing economic recovery.

In that sense, Sánchez showed that Spain is the first country to receive the first disbursement (10,000 million) of European funds. And this is the case, he claimed, because the Government has fulfilled the milestones and reforms committed to with Brussels. And in the face of the catastrophic discourse of the PP, which doubts that the resources from Europe can be deployed, the president pointed out that the Executive also has the agreement of the EU regarding accountability. That debate, he stressed, is “short distance“.

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One of the reforms committed to Brussels is the labor, which the Government, he maintained, will have a list before December 31, and for which it hopes to have the support of businessmen and unions.

Regarding the fight against the covid, Sánchez indicated that of course we must continue with “prevention and prudence“, but there are two issues that guarantee a” very different view “of Spain: the high rate of vaccination coverage (above 90% of the target population), to which will be added that the immunization of children under 12 years of age will begin in the middle of this month, and the use of the mask, which has not ceased to be mandatory indoors, unlike what has happened in other neighboring countries. Both pillars, vaccination and masks, give “greater guarantees to get through the winter“.” We must not lower our arms “and yes” have confidence in how the pandemic has been managed, “concluded the chief executive.


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