Russia’s crisis causes a crisis in Ukraine’s political class

La possibility of an attack Russian plaintiff ha sosegadoat the moment, to the agitada politica interior and Ukrainealways characterized by the division y las luchas cainitas. The most prominent figures and politicians of the slave country he founded a suerte de tregua which is allowed including Petró Poroshenkopredecesor de Volodímir Zelenski in the presidency and accusation of treason, regress to Kiev and avoid at the moment the card. Treat yourself to a cese de hostilidades “temporal”, según Yevhén Fedchenkoperiodical and local analyst, which can be very reanutious as of military army se disipe y las aguas regresen a su cauce.

If the ex-governor of the Ukrainian State, who has an account with a significant support between the population, calculate that in its return nadie will find a meter in prison in a momento tan critique for the country, full acre. A juez del tribunal of the district of Percheskin Kiev, filed a lawsuit against the tax arrest petition, even the order entregar su pasaporte y limit your movements a la capital. The accusations that pesan about el -venta of minerals to the rebel regions of Donetsk y Lugansk– his graves, equals the traction, and in the case of condensation, may be sent to 15 years old.

“Meterle in the provocative hubier cell a serious internal crisis, with gente saliendo a la calle para protestar en plena amenaza rusa; in addition, hubiera including generated critics between our allies extranjeros “, said Fedchenko. veredicto favorable a la puesta en libertad. “Transcurrió much time between regression and the decision of the juvenile not to arrest”, detached with suspicion.


La polarization ha sido y es una de las markas de la casa en la politic domestica en Ucrania. Ya antes del triunfo de la Maidán Revolutionhace ya casi ocho añosthere is a tradition that lasts the term of a concrete president se juzgue o se persiga a his predecessors, political rivals and has its partidarios. Asi sucedió entre Viktor Yanukovich y Yúlia Timoshenko, condensed in 2011 has been in prison years for abuse of power, o entre Yanukóvich y el exjefe del Estado Leonid Kuchmaaccusation of the assignment of a periodical also in the same year.

Loose elevated levels of corruption in the country, which occupies the 122 puesto about a total of 180 in the list of States elaborated by Transparency Internationalfavorecen la opening of criminal cases. In the opinion of Yevhen Mahdadirector del Institute of World Politicsall committed to the death of Poroshenko after his derrota electoral demonstrate that it has promised to fight against corruption and act in a different way, “the political elite that will power in 2019 no is new“and retrieve the same tics and behaviors of its predecessors.

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The question is whether the analysts’s are the appearance of the external force favor the consensus and a new form of political action. “Depende”, responds Fedchenko. “If you want to reform the institutions, professionalize” to avoid being overwhelmed by a arma arrojadiza of whom detain the power against his rivals. Eso sí. Maintains his skepticism regarding the behavior of politicians, “always shining between them”.

The dispute with Russia could endure other collateral effect in the ambit of Ukrainian interior politics: the dogmeat of the strong political forces in Ukraine, which participates in elections and is represented by a parliamentary representation, is marginalized or extra-parliamentary. “In the news, reciben el apoyo del 10% o el 15%, in case of aggression, will be more unpopular; from 2014, the annexation of Crimea and its successes in Donbas, capacity capability to win presidential elections; for this reason, Russia should look for other methods to try own your influence“, sentencing Mahda.

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