Russian tactics: “not normal to deploy in this way”

The video showing the attack of Ukrainian forces against a column of Russian armored vehicles, made public on Thursday, gives the impression, according to an expert, that Russian tactics on the ground leave something to be desired.

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The images filmed by a drone first show the advance of the tanks in the suburb of Brovary, not far from Kyiv, but these are repelled by Javelin anti-tank missiles.

According to Rémi Landry, retired lieutenant-colonel of the Royal 22e Régiment and also a professor at the University of Sherbrooke, the Russian soldiers seem to deploy as if they were on neutral territory and not on enemy territory.

Mr. Rémi Landry, retired lieutenant of the Forces

“It is not normal to deploy in this way,” explains Mr. Landry in an interview with TVA Nouvelles at noon.

“What we understand is that the Ukrainians have definitely used anti-tank weapons that NATO sends them: the Javelin missile, which is fired from the shoulder. The Ukrainians are also divided into small groups so as to be able to hide and be able to intercept this type of column there, ”says the expert.


Javelin Missile | archive photo, AFP

The advantage of the Javelin missile: its high accuracy. Once the target is engaged, the missile will hit it directly, even if it moves or changes position. This weapon has the advantage of hitting a tank on the ground or an aerial target.

“When it hits a tank, the missile attacks the vehicle from above, where there is the least armor. Because on the sides, there are platelets stuffed with explosives. If a missile hits, the first thing they do is repel the missile,” says Rémi Landry.

The explosives located in the pads on the sides repel the missiles. | Reuters screenshot

In addition, the shooters will target the first armored vehicle in a convoy, and then the last, so as to block the movement of the rest of the column.

He does not understand the Russians’ way of advancing, especially since they have already suffered many losses in the suburbs.

“From the beginning they have been harassed and ambushed by small specialized Ukrainian groups.”

Thus small, specialized, mobile and well-equipped teams can neutralize entire columns and inflict significant damage.

In addition to making strategic mistakes, the Russians are attacking hospitals, places normally protected by the Geneva Convention.

“I feel like people [militaires] on the ground are not really aware of what they are doing, that they are shooting everywhere, and that there are breakdowns in communication with the General Staff of the Russian army.

Do the Ukrainians have a chance against the Russian army?

According to Rémi Landry, urban combat, which is currently taking place in the suburbs, is particularly demanding for the aggressor.

“In my experience, and the experience of all military history, urban combat is probably the most difficult operation for an attacking force. The man ratio required is usually 10 attacking to 1 defending,” says Mr. Landry.

It is for this reason that military experts wonder why the Russian army went after so many cities at once.

“It takes a lot of people to be able to capture these cities.”

However, the tactic of artillery fire, and the destruction of cities, would be the one favored by the Russians: destroy everything in its path to ensure that they were taken.

***Watch his full interview in the video above.***

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