Rosa Peral appeals to the Constitutional Court the sentence of the crime of the Urban Guard of Barcelona

Defense of Pear Rose, the ex-agent of the Urban Guard of Barcelona sentenced to 25 years in prison for the death of her partner –the also police officer Pedro Rodríguez–, will appeal the sentence of the Barcelona Court and ratified by the Supreme Court before the Constitutional Court.

Peral’s lawyer, Olga Arderiu, maintains in statements to the ACN that there is no “no proof” Rosa Peral’s participation in the death of her partner at the time of the events. As already alleged in the appeal inadmissible by the Supreme Court in September, Arderiu assures that they denied evidence and key witnesses for the defense of Peral and that the verdict lacked motivation.

Albert López, also to TC

The other convicted of the death of Pedro Rodríguez, the also agent and lover of Rosa Peral when the crime was planned, Albert Lopez, it was sentenced to 20 years in prison and his defense also presented a few days ago a recourse to the Constitutional Court.

The Lopez defense bases his entire argument on the testimony of the daughters of Peral, that they could not testify at the trial, but that in police headquarters they denied that he was at home at the time of the crime.

Sentence of the crime

According to the sentence of the crime of the Urban Guard, in the early morning of May 2, 2017 López and Peral killed Pedro Rodríguez at his home, in Cubelles. After used the victim’s mobile phone to pretend that she was still alive and they took the device near the home of Peral’s ex-husband, with whom she had a very conflictive relationship, to involve him in the crime.

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Finally the two damned they put the body in the trunk of the victim’s car and they burned the swamp of Foix.

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