Rosa Benito breaks into tears in ‘It’s already noon’ after her war with Alessandro Lecquio

During the last days, Rosa Benito and Alessandro Lecquio they have dedicated themselves to launching cross attacks from their respective programs. A war that started a few days ago on the set of ‘It’s already noon’, where the collaborator stated that her partner made her “very sorry”. “He is very old,” he said after the Italian made fun of the burning of his alliances in ‘Save me’.

Lecquio took revenge in ‘Ana Rosa’s program’ and he gave her where it hurts the most: “His daughter should give her a penalty. Instead of putting on the bata de cola to succeed on stage like her aunt did, is selling panties on an adult website. That is really sad. “That same afternoon, Rosa responded very angrily from ‘It’s already eight o’clock’:” If you have to tell me something, tell me, leave my family alone. Tell me daughter of the great & mldr; but leave it to my environment “.

This morning, the talk show has clarified the true reason for his anger: “I would like to make it clear that I was not bothered by old age, I am the first to laugh at the ailments of age, but when he said he was sorry. He was referring to my personal circumstances and those are things you don’t play with. ”

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Lecquio’s words, referring to the death of his son, have caused Rosa to collapse in ‘It’s already noon’: “I had a super strong slump. I have learned something that Lcequio has thought and I would be unable to say something that could affect their feelings. ” “I am very sorry that you might think something like that”, he said through tears.

Amador Mohedano’s ex-wife has insisted that this was not his intention and has revealed that he has had a conversation with him off-camera: “I have gone looking for him.” He has also taken the opportunity to stand up once again for his daughter Rosario and defend her artistic career. “It can’t hurt to see how I jump (…) He put my son of a bitch and has three school children. It’s unfair. She has proven to be an artist”, has regretted.

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