Ricardo Sanz creates his new restaurant group after breaking with Kabuki

  • The ‘itamae’ from Madrid baptizes the restaurant of the Hotel Wellington with his name and the one at the Hotel Las Cortes, in Madrid, as Kyoshi

Rupture, waiting for no ‘itamae’ knives held high, from the Japanese cuisine group Kabuki, who has led for twenty years Ricardo Sanz, creator of Japocañí cuisine and holder of three Michelin stars.

First it was his former colleagues, with Jose Antonio Aparicio to the front, those who issued a statement assuring that Ricardo was still “Linked to the concept as a partner & rdquor; and now he is the one who does the same but saying the opposite: “He launches his own gastronomic group under the name Ricardo Sanz Group, thus initiating a new stage of independence, leadership and authenticity & rdquor ;.

Ricardo Sanz Wellington y Kyoshi

The Hotel Wellington restaurant is now called with his name, and whoever circulates in front will already see the new brand printed according to the design of Abraham Lacalle. The one at the Hotel Las Cortes Double Tree has also been renamed: Kyoshi, “Japanese Teacher Teacher & rdquor;, says the ‘itamae’ from Madrid.

And there will be changes in signs in The Riltz-Carlton (Abama, Tenerife), Finca Cortesín (Casares, Málaga) and in the “company project Areas in airports & rdquor ;.

In its November 26 note, the Kabuki Group also refers to those establishments.

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Ricardo assures that he poses the future with renewed energy: “Although it is not what I wanted at this point in my career. It has happened other times, as in the case of Martín Berasategui & rdquor ;.

For their part, those responsible for Kabuki explained that Ricardo was leaving his duties in “the operational and business management of the group in order to develop a personal project” with the “current Kabuki Wellington & rdquor; as a “flagship”. And they detailed “the renewal of the corporate image & rdquor; and a “national and international expansion”. Immediate in Lisbon and for 2022 “the opening of a new Kabuki in Madrid and other restaurants (& mldr;) in Paris and Miami, in addition to the recently opened Nohai concept in Gran Canaria & rdquor ;.


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