Reparation of child abuse, by Emma Riverola

The French Church will sell part of its patrimony to repair and compensate the victims of sexual abuse committed within the institution. The decision was made in light of the devastating conclusions of the Sauvé Report. After two and a half years of research, the study has concluded that, between 1950 and 2020, un minimum of 216,000 minors were victims of sexual assault by religious. The repair will include those crimes that have legally prescribed. The decision of the French ecclesiastical hierarchy (after years of closing its eyes) contrasts with the refusal of the Spanish Episcopal Conference to thoroughly investigate the subject.

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Reparation for victims of pedophilia is a matter of Justice. Individual, but also collective. For decades, and still today, pedophilia is a crime that is recounted in whispers, when not in silence. It should be remembered that almost half of sexual abuse against minors is committed by a family member. The Church not only has a moral account with its victims, it also owes a debt to the rest of society. If you assume the role of moral guide, you must also respond when you become example of evil.

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