Renault will stop producing 500,000 cars a year due to the microchip crisis

Luca de Meo has barely had a week of vacation since taking the reins of Renault. The Italian manager, former president of Seat, faces the worst crisis in the sector in his first year. First the pandemic, the closure of factories and now the shortage of semiconductors that prevents the production of cars. During the dynamic presentation of the new Renault Mégane e-Tech (100% electric) in Paris this week we saw a Luca de Meo somewhat tired but without losing his usual brilliance and, despite admitting what delicate of the moment, he assured that the company will maintain a good level of turnover. And all despite announcing that the estimate is stop manufacturing 500,000 cars a year until microchip delivery stabilizes.

The brand of the rhombus, also an umbrella Dacia, Lada and Alpine, he has lost between July and September about 170,000 vehicles in their production chains, which has also resulted in a decrease in sales of the order of 22.3%, and in turn a drop in turnover by 13.4% to 8,987 million euros, according to the group’s financial manager Clotilde Delbos.

Transport and containers

“The semiconductor shortage has been stronger than anticipated at the end of the first semester, “he explained Delbos. To all this he also added a strong incidents in the transport and availability of containers. Despite this, as De Meo recognized, the Renault group is confident of reaching its forecasts of a positive operating margin of 2.8% of its turnover for the whole of the year.

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With all the microchip problems on the table, Renault’s numbers are not being too bad. The French group achieved some worldwide revenue of € 32,344 million in the first three quarters from 2021, a 12.3% increase compared to the 28,799 million euros that it invoiced in the same period of 2020, according to the quarterly accounts published by the company.

Between January and September, turnover of the Automotive division of Renault was 28,024 million euros, 13.6% growth, while the Russian AvtoVAZ entered 2,022 million, 15.4% more. In this period, the group’s Mobility Services division generated 17 million euros, 21.4% more compared to the first nine months of 2020, and the financial area obtained a turnover of 2,281 million, a 3 , 3% less.

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