‘Red alert’, the last great hit of Netflix

‘Red alert’ is the most expensive production of Netflix to date, although the platform is making it profitable and getting a lot out of it. The movie starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds y Gal Gadot and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber It has risen to the first position of the most watched films of Netflix throughout the planet, as confirmed the specialized website FlixPatrol. But, what is this film that is sweeping the world about?

The truth is that the feature film takes many loans from the hackneyed fictions of robberies and sagas such as James Bond, ‘Mission Impossible’ and even ‘Indiana Jones’. There is no shortage of exquisite sets, spectacular cars, scenes of explosions, chases and hand-to-hand combat and, although the critics have not been too benevolent, it achieves the purpose for which it was filmed: to entertain the audience.

The plot of ‘Red Alert’ forces two characters who move on different sides of the law to collaborate. On one side is John Hartley (Johnson), a renowned FBI agent exulting because he just arrested the famous art thief Nolan Booth (Reynolds). What he could not imagine is that fate would lead him to need this criminal to clear his name because of the mess he has gotten him into Sarah Black (Gadot), a cunning thief. At stake is not only his reputation, but also recovering some valuable pieces known as Cleopatra’s Eggs.

Will there be a continuation?

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Their mission will take them to travel around the world, visiting spectacular locations. Among the multiple action scenes, there is also room for jokes between this ‘strange couple’.

Although Netflix has not confirmed if there will be a continuation, the end of the film is clearly open, which suggests that its success could make it easier for the platform to bet on a sequel or an entire saga, in the style of ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ or ‘Mission impossible’.


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