Recovery of the Queretaro congress center progresses slowly

Queretaro, Qro. The Querétaro Congress Center (QCC) has not yet returned to the level of conventions that it concentrated prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, because it expects to close the year with between 40 and 50% of pre-pandemic activity.

The director of the QCC, Alfredo Espinosa Leal, explained that next year the recovery could range between 60 and 70%, in addition to the fact that some events scheduled for this year have changed their dates.

“In 2023 we will be able to talk about a recovery, if not reaching 100% of 2019, then 60 to 70%; and this year by between 40 and 50% because there were some cancellations or they moved the date, ”he explained.

For this year, the QCC has 25 events scheduled, although two have moved their dates; however, other events have been added.

The beginning of 2022 was complex due to the rebound in infections due to the fourth wave; however, greater activity is already perceived and expectations have improved.

In pre-pandemic seasons, these events generated an annual spill of between 32 and 34 million pesos, but this year it is expected to close below 50%, explained the manager.

Even, he said, the QCC administration has chosen to make adjustments in charges to encourage reservations. “We are making an effort, making some adjustments in the collections because businessmen are also being affected (…) (The pre-pandemic spill was) 32 to 34 million pesos that regularly entered the QCC, this year I do not think we can even reach at 50 percent.”

Even when lower income is expected, it is sought that the enclosure be self-sufficient in financial matters so that its operation does not cost the state.

It is a venue that can recover that level (of economic benefit) to maintain a status and that we do not cost the state, but rather be able to maintain the congress center”, he deepened.

With the reactivation of mobility and economic activity, requests to reserve spaces in the QCC have begun to resume; Among the sectors that have influenced the resumption of congresses is the aerospace and medical industries.

“The industry is getting very close, they are reactivating some events that were already held before and they are looking to return with medical congresses (…) We are resuming with the universities, with the organizations,” explained Alfredo Espinosa.

However, he highlighted that practically 100% of the QCC’s client portfolio have raised their hands to occupy spaces during this year. So far, no cancellations are planned, only some events that have been postponed.

Logistics expo ready

Among the events scheduled this year at the QCC is the second edition of the Expo Logística y Transportes del Bajío 2022, which will take place from May 17 to 19.

The general director of XPOS-QRO, the organizing company of the event, Gaspar Góngora Basurto, explained that there will be 60 national and international exhibitors, foreseeing 500 business meetings and the attendance of 4,000 visitors.

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