“Record” fundraising | Biden surrounds himself with Obama and Clinton to breathe new life into his campaign

(New York) Three presidents, $25 million: Joe Biden surrounded himself Thursday with Barack Obama and Bill Clinton for a record fundraising evening in New York, where Donald Trump also came to campaign, on a completely different register.

The Republican attended the wake of a police officer who died in the line of duty, hours before the start of the US president’s campaign event, which was disrupted by pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

Joe Biden and his two Democratic predecessors were acclaimed upon their arrival on the stage of Radio City Hall, in the heart of Manhattan, where the famous dance troupe The Rockettes performs.


Barack Obama and Joe Biden

The 81-year-old Democrat’s campaign team had already announced in the morning a “record” fundraising for the event, of more than $25 million, noting in passing that it was more than had been raised. hoarded Donald Trump throughout the month of February.

Joe Biden’s supporters have been calling for this political-social evening for several weeks – in the room was, for example, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Anna Wintour.


Singers Queen Latifah and Lizzo, among others, heated up the room before the 42e44e and 46e Presidents of the United States sit down for a debate moderated by presenter and comedian Stephen Colbert.


Comedian Stephen Colbert hosted the evening.

This discussion mixing serious topics and jokes was interrupted several times by cries of support for Palestine. Demonstrators also gathered outside, near the performance hall, to denounce Joe Biden’s policy of almost unconditional support for Israel.

The American president has already been questioned in this way several times during public appearances, and each of his trips now gives rise to rallies shouting “Liberate Palestine!” » or “Joe the genocidaire. »

The intervention of the three presidents concluded on a lighter note, when they put on Aviator-type sunglasses, Joe Biden’s favorite accessory.

Donald Trump’s spokesperson, Steven Cheung, castigated on the social network



Former US President Donald Trump attended the wake of Jonathan Diller, a New York police officer killed on Monday.

The former Republican president made a short statement after attending the funeral vigil of Jonathan Diller, killed Monday by gunfire during an operation on a public highway.

“We have to stop this, we have to return to order and the law,” said the billionaire, who refrained from any direct criticism of his Democratic rival.

He devotes a good part of his campaign speeches to attacking illegal immigration and criticizing Joe Biden for being lax on maintaining order.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump, who have already faced each other at the polls in 2020, are guaranteed to win the nomination of their respective parties this summer for the presidential election in November.

The White House announced that the president called New York Mayor Eric Adams on Friday to offer his condolences after the officer’s “tragic death” on Monday.

Joe Biden has better campaign coffers than his Republican opponent, criminally charged four times, who spends part of the money collected from his supporters on legal fees.

Donald Trump will have his trial open in New York on April 15 in a case of payments to a pornographic film actress in 2016.

reference: www.lapresse.ca

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