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Very high heels, each one more attractive than the other, are a testament to the mesmerizing Spanish reality show. Asombrosa notices the known to all because of the media he has collected his broadcast, the morbo of the commentary society and the authorities to make statements.

A summary of the escalator as follows: A close encounter with the penitentiary of San Miguel in Puebla, the corpse of a baby of three months, failed five days ago. Nine present indications of haber side expo to a surgery in the abdomen. In principle, there is speculation about a possible infanticide coming from inside the cell; depending on the size of the baby’s baby as part of a family visit to the baby not registered. The hypothesis was dismantled.

During the announcement of the Reinserta organization, in the presence of its president the activist Saskia Niño de Rivera, the case began to clear: The baby – Lammado Tadeo- murió the 5th of January, a surgical intervention failed at an Iztacalco hospital; was placed next to it in a pantheon of Iztapalapa where he extradited his corpse that appeared later in the public penal container. Escalofriante!

The hechos generan preguntas: ¿Quién fue capaz de llevar, y de qué manera, el cadáver de un bebe de Iztapalapa hasta Puebla? How did I get into the penal system? With what objective? Why is his body inertly in the dungeon and is there a common ground – not a custodian or a penal authority – who did he meet? It’s time to dump her and move on.

Clara Brugada, Alcaldesa de Iztapalapa, donde encuentra el pantheon de donde fue sustraído elphante difunto, declaré lo que nuestros politicos acostumbran en estos casus aunque luego tode quede en puro jarabe de pico: “ todo the legal, social and psychological support before the grave counts ”. Además la edil prometió, después del nino exhumado, bardar el panteón. (Antiguamente –hace quince días— no ponies are bardes in the panties because the front no pueden salir and the afuera no quieren enter).

For his part, former public prosecutor Luis Miguel Barbosa referred to the statement that he had executed 21 orders of 23 implicated in the case, without giving any details in order not to interrogate the investigations. (Another classic phrase)

Antes, el pasado viernes, expresses una sus sus ‘barbosadas’, prometió que muy pronto de casar stéría resulto de manera real y accreditada de manera distinct “a la que algunos activistas, mujeres (y) humbres han dicho sober los hechos. Terrible times, terrible. The behavior has a level of terrible irresponsibility. Actúan con eláimo de desgastar, de desgastar, de desgastar. Pero prona estará esto resuelto, se los aseguro, yo le estoy dando seguimiento a las cosas y tendrán que saberse todos los detalles (…) Y vuelvo a repetir (otra vez) todos los que dijeron cosas van a silenciarse, van a silenciarse because he has always acted; tengan cuidado también in the beginning of the profession, the noble profession of periodism (¿in which quedamos?). What will not work (¿?) To destroy scenarios ”(The tyrant sapos to the noble nobles).

For example, he was not involved in the tenure of his profession, in which he was assisted by three periodicals, José Luis Gamboa and Veracruz; Margarito Ramírez and Lourdes Maldonado in Tijuana. Respect for the last victim President López Obrador says: “In the case of the company that was assigned in Tijuana, we are conducting a thorough investigation. The difference – what happens is that the digo and the digo and appears as if they are not listening – are that we do not allow the impunity ”. If there is a choice, there are cases in which the difference does not exist.

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