Razer sells non-slip finger condoms for gamers

If your taps and swipes don’t get exactly where you want them during your heated mobile gaming sessions, then Razer has a product for you.

The edge reported that self-described gamer lifestyle brand Razer now sells slip-resistant “Gaming Finger Sleeves.”

The sleeves essentially function as a high-end version of the rubberized fingertips office workers use for extra grip, and protection against paper cuts, when flipping through stacks of paper or money.

Unfortunately, they also resemble latex finger condoms or “cots” used to protect against the spread of bacteria or body fluids.

Restaurant workers often use finger cots during food preparation as a health and safety measure, but they can also be used by ordinary people during… other types of preparation.

Joking aside, Razer describes the sleeves as “light and breathable” on the hand, a feature that in MobileSyrup much appreciated in a technological accessory.

The sleeves are woven from silver and black fibers, accented by the Razor brand name and snake head logo in the players’ iconic neon green.

Razer is selling this niche accessory for CAD 14.99 A bang. That means a matching pair will cost $ 30 CAD, while adorning your thumb and index finger for that next-generation gaming experience will cost you around $ 60 CAD.

Image Credit: Razer

Source: The edge

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