Barça joy for the three points, for the successful debut of Xavi Hernandez on the bench and blue and white anger for a penalty that gave victory to Barça and that was, according to the clear definition of Raúl de Tomás, the blue and white star, “funny”.

“In general, I am very happy because we have emptied ourselves to win the game. They have tightened us a lot in the last 20 minutes. We have not closed the match. We have to play more in the opposite field. This victory was vital to start the project and I think that the penalty was a penalty, “he justified Xavi Hernandez, after his debut on the Barça bench. “It is difficult to create chances. But we have to be prepared for it. I have suffered more than normal. But it was worth it. It was a great day for us. We were not in the best mood and Espanyol squeezed us a lot in the last 20 minutes, but it was their merit, not ours. The players have made an effort but we have to work harder. “

The blue and white anger

Much more angry was Raúl de Tomás for the penalty that deprived them of the three points but proud of Espanyol and, furthermore, convinced that the draw would have been the fairest result. “We have forgiven a lot because we had clear chances but we did not score them. We tried but we failed. But, even if the three points have not been achieved, I am proud of the team for the great effort that has been made. Nothing can be said about this team “, defined the blue and white striker before complaining harshly about the penalty that led to their defeat. “From the field the penalty seems like a joke to me, I might sweep it but first touch the ball. Without seeing the repetition I don’t understand it. They told us at the beginning of the season that they were not going to call easy penalties and this was an easy penalty» , he specified RDT.

Vicente Moreno, Espanyol coach regretted the defeat. “The result is what it is. They have the three points and we don’t. I don’t want to talk about justice or not. We only had the penalty action left over,” said the Blue and White coach. “We knew that we would have spaces against Barça. Everyone in the stadium has realized that they have suffered. We lacked the draw and even the option of being able to win, “he added.

We know that we must be more solid and take advantage of the cons because they are important to win the games, “said Sergio Busquets

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Sergio Busquets, who retired with physical problems, assured that they knew they had to win. “We have to be strong at home. They, in the end, had two or three chances and we have been saved. We know that we must be more solid and take advantage of the cons because they are important to win the games.”

David LopezLike RDT, he was disappointed in the result. “We deserved more, at least, the draw. In the first half we had the match controlled but at the beginning of the second half they found themselves with the penalty,” he lamented. For him there was no maximum penalty either. “At the very least it has been doubtful because it was a ‘penalty’,” he said wryly.

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