The Minister of Transport, Rachel Sanchezhas rated the transportation strike encouraged by the Platform for the Defense of the Freight Transport Sector, which has caused production stoppages in many factories, as a “boycott organized by ultras minority sectors & rdquor ;. “I am not going to sit down with a group of radicals who are acting with violence & rdquor ;, the minister assured, after a meeting with social agents and representatives of the professional industry associations.

The Platformwithout representation in the sector’s dialogue body with the administration -the National Committee for Road Transport (CNTC), which represents 90% of the sector and does not support the strikes- justifies the call due to the “very serious” situation in the sector and some Labor conditions “inadmissible”, to which is added the rise in the price of fuelsaccentuated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The minister has recognized, in fact, that “some & rdquor; of their claims “coincide & rdquor; with those being carried out by the National Committee for Road Transport. “What Fenadismer and the entities of the National Road Transport Committee are conveying to us is that the situation is complex to be able to work in the face of an upward increase in the prices of fuel. That is the issue we have to address,” Sánchez said.

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But he has warned that “the word cannot be replaced by those who are using violent acts and vandals to formulate their claims & rdquor ;. “we won’t give in to this boycott that is preventing guarantee the supply chain and that they also want to affect industrial and business activities & rdquor ;, said Sánchez, who has reiterated that the Government will be “forceful & rdquor; in the repression of these violent behaviors.

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At Tuesday’s meeting with social agents and professional associations of various sectors, among which was also the road transportthe minister has summoned all of them to send them the package in which the Government could work to mitigating the impact of the Ukraine war in their respective sectors.

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