Queretaro hotels would close the year with indicators below the pre-pandemic level

Querétaro, Qro. The hotel industry maintains a constant, but slow, level of recovery, anticipating closing the year with a level of activity still below the pre-pandemic records.

The Queretana Association of Hoteliers (AQH) plans to close 2021 with sales of between 850 and 900 million pesos, a figure that means a fall of up to 45% compared to the 1,550 million achieved in 2019, before the effects of the pandemic of Covid-19.

Only for the month of December an occupancy of 45 to 50% is expected, estimating that this month an economic spill of 100 million pesos will be achieved, informed the president of the AQH, Luis Signoret.

“Against 2019, in that year it was possible to sell rooms over 1,550 million pesos, there is still a very important difference during this year, we are talking about just over 40% (difference in economic income)”, he said.

Even though in the state there is a greater opening of capacity in economic activities, even implying an increase in the maximum capacity allowed in hotels, this sector continues to show a low level of occupancy.

For this year, the hotels associated with the AQH estimate to reach an average occupancy of 35% accumulated, still far from the prepandemic level.

“They allow us to have greater capacity, however, the demand is still insufficient (…) The annualized occupancy data is still far from what we had in 2019, which is the last important reference we have, in that year it was closed At 57%, we are still below 20 points, which means a lot both in terms of money and in hotel occupancy ”, explained Luis Signoret.

The sector is confident in starting 2022 with better prospects in terms of the recovery of accommodation levels, an activity that, he said, generates an escalation of economic spillover for service providers in the tourism and trade sectors.

Business tourism continues on a downward trend, while leisure tourism has been the main source of employment.

In this context, the AQH and the Querétaro delegation of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism signed a collaboration agreement, benefiting 57 hotels.

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