Queretaro, Qro. The state aviation industry maintains the challenge of increasing the participation of local companies in the supply chains of this activity.

The president of Querétaro AeroclusterJuan Carlos Corral Martín, highlighted that one of the calls is that the big tractor companies arriving in the state are turning to see the supply capacities that local companies have.

“That the big companies they establish Queretaro You have to ask them for investment, work, but you also have to ask them to buy here, to investigate and carry out technological development here, ”he said.

Before the consequences of covid-19 pandemicthe aviation industry of Queretaro $ 1,200 million a year in inventories billed; therefore, the grouping has set as a first goal that at least 10% of revenue ($ 120 million) be placed in local supply chains, for the next three years approximately.

“Before the pandemic, we billed $ 1.2 billion, that we reach at least $ 120 million for the Querétaro supply chain that needs to be placed, hopefully we will reach that goal as soon as possible and set ourselves even more ambitious goals,” he said. .

With regard to the goals pursued by the local industry, the group also recognizes the challenge of increasing and promoting both research and technological development for the industry.

Developed countries, he explained, allocate an average of 10% of the industry’s turnover to research and development; in the case of the entity, however, it reaches about 1% of billing.

Juan Carlos Corral stressed that in addition to seeing this inequality as a delay, it should be used as an opportunity to increase investment in research and technology.

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“In terms of research and technological development, we are in very poor numbers, we are close to 1% of the turnover in which we invest here. Queretaro“When in the world developed countries in the aviation sector and large companies invest about 10% of turnover, we are at 1%, I think this is a great opportunity to improve from 1 to 10%”, he explained.

Achieving an increase in investment in these items will be a progressive task, the group’s president said.

The Industrialist has the Private Initiative of the aviation industry to bet on investment projects in the entity, as well as national capital firms, so that they bet on the state’s supply chains.

Foreign direct investment

After the year 2014, the state has no relevant records of foreign direct investment (IED) for the manufacture of aeronautical equipment, it added $ 37.6 million at the end of that year, for 2015 it was $ 3.2 million.

From 2016 to 2018 there are no records of IED, for 2019 $ 3.7 million was added; while there are no reports in 2020, not even from January to September 2021, according to the Ministry of Economy (SE).

From 1999 to the third quarter of 2021, the state added $ 980.9 million in FDI for the manufacture of aerospace equipment, a figure that represents only 5.2% of the total foreign investment that the state accumulated during that period (18 $ 847.7 million).

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