Quebec to announce relaxations on Thursday

Health Minister Christian Dubé will announce flexibility on Thursday for shows, sporting events and cinemas. These are places where there have been few outbreaks in recent months.

These would be slight reductions that will only affect people doubly vaccinated against COVID-19 as suggested by Mr. Dubé at a press conference on Tuesday.

As of September 1, cinemas can accommodate a maximum of 500 people per room or 7,500 people in a room that can be divided into zones of 500 people provided that a distance of one seat is respected between people who do not live in the theater. the same address. The restrictions are the same for theaters and sporting events.

Amphitheatres, stadiums and outdoor venues that have assigned seating positions cannot accommodate more than 15,000 people in independent sections of 500 people each. In all cases, the mask is required when people are not seated in their seats.

The situation is still under close surveillance, but Minister Dubé had reported a stabilization in the number of COVID-19 cases in recent days. Public Health reported 594 new cases on Wednesday and seven new deaths.

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