Putin only has one triumph: the rubble of Mariupol

Arrives Soviet Victory Day (Russian in its current version) on Nazism, which is celebrated every May 9 since 1945. he was called great patriotic war. It was a long and costly fight against the Hitler’s invading armies until defeating them in Berlin with the help of the US, which supplied tanks, trucks, planes and ammunition, information later silenced by Stalin. So they had a common enemy: the Nazi Germany. Without the participation and coordination of the two future world powers it would have been difficult to defeat the Third Reich.

After the fight, both began a military and ideological party to dominate the world what was called Cold War. A Putin he would have liked to present himself on Monday with a great victory over a Ukraine supposedly dominated by Nazis and who represent a threat to Russia. The propaganda seeks to connect with the collective memory in defense of a special operation that is turning out to be a disaster.

Mariupol it is the only thing that can sell as success. It is not ruled out that Putin take advantage of the anniversary to admit the existence of a war, decree general mobilization and ask for help from the former Soviet republics. After the failure of the lightning takeover of kyiv at the end of February, the Kremlin has readjusted the denazification from Ukraine to the reality of its possibilities. He announced that he was concentrating on the donbasa region of which it controlled a third since 2014, when it also invaded crimea in response to the change of government in kyiv, from a pro-Russian to a pro-European one.

Leave Ukraine landlocked

It’s not just him donbas, a minor piece for so many dead soldiers. You want to conquer all East and get hold of him Southincluded Odessa, to leave what remains of a landlocked Ukraine. The ultimate goal would be link the Ukrainian coast with Transnistria, the breakaway Moldovan region run by Moscow. This would put this country, which does not belong to NATO, at risk.

The military situation remains deadlocked. That is why there is speculation with the general mobilization. The ukrainian armystrongly armed by the westhas made some progress on the outskirts of Kharkivthe second city of the countryand hold the lines in the Donbas. Ukraine he tries to prevent a possible Russian advance from the south from trapping them. 25% of his strength is concentrated in that area. The annihilation of him would open an opportunity to attack kyiv again.

Everything indicates that the war will be long and exhausting. In the event of a Russian victory, which is unlikely at the moment, we would move to the stage of armed resistance. There will be peaks of intensity and relative calm that will force Europe to overexert itself. Putin knows us well, he trusts our tendency to get tired, as it happened in Syria and it happens in Libya.

The The sinking of the Moscow cruiser, the flagship of the Black Sea fleet, has angered the Russian leader. He wants revenge, not a negotiation. In every conflict there is a window of opportunity that allows a defeat to be sold as a victory. Putin is going to make the same mistake as the US in Afghanistan. He has appointed a supreme military commander for Ukraine in order to have a unified and effective chain of command.

The US electoral horizon

To the General Alexander Dvornikov it is known as “the butcher of Syria”. For seven years he used aviation to punish the enemies of his ally, Basar al-Assad. He bombed civilians and hospitals thanks to the fact that the UN had innocently supplied him with the coordinates to protect them. He showed adaptability. He used Hezbollah as infantry, implicated Iran, while Donald Trump, who also bombed, allied himself with the Syrian Kurds.

The ISIS He was defeated, despite the fact that his remains survive in Idlib province, with the risk of repeating the case of the Taliban’s resurrection. Dvornikov’s problem is that in the Ukraine he cannot sublet allies to fight on the ground beyond the Chechens.

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One of the objectives of Putin is to arrive with victory options, if it is not achieved before, at the US election November 2024. hope your friend Trump return to the White House and accept the partition of Ukraine to end the war. For the Republicans, who have thrown themselves into the bush, the invasion of Ukraine has only one culprit: Joe Biden.

The draft of the Supreme Court ruling against abortion is one more sign that The US is heading towards an authoritarian state. The world will be governed by three powers that do not believe in democracy. In the EU we are also dealing with Putin’s four Trojan horses: gas, Hungary, the extreme right and a very pure left unable to see reality beyond the banner of the 80s, that of NATO, no; bases out. While, Finland Y Swedentwo free and blameless countries, demand your iexpress entry into NATO. It is not ideology, it is survival.

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