Putin is not our friend

Vladimir Putin no es de izquierdas; la Russia that goberna with mano de hiero since December 1991, tampoco. It one pais vez más conservador that persigue a los homosexuals, a las feminists ya los dissidents. Free periodism pays off with death. Anna Politkovskaya is one of the 58 informants assigned between 1992 and 2022, following the Committee for the Protection of Periodicals.

The population lives on the propaganda of a case secrecy kitsch y contradictory between the pasados ​​zarista y communist, converted into the engine of the new russia que ansía revivir viejas glorias. Have a regression to a Christian-nationalism nationalism, the widow of the nation, in whom Nicholas II, the last to be assigned by the Bolsheviks, is a saint.

Putin is a autocrat that aplasta rebeliones (Chechenia) e invade Soviet lands. Lo ocurrido en Osetia del Sur y Abjasia (Georgia) in 2008 appeared on the Crisis of Ukraine that slows in 2014 in the provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk, donde mandan las milicias prorrusas. The Kremlin does not create in the independence of Ukraine, the considered part of the mythical Russia. There is no ideological conflict between Izquierda and Derecha.

“Vladimir Putin is not a jerk; Russia is a governing country with iron manhood since December 1991, tampoco.

The insurrection of Euromaidan

Ukraine has a similar journey: each has its own conservator and religion as part of the national nation. A series of errors to reduce the popular insurgency of 2014, dubbed Euromaidan, a neo-Nazi aid, points out that the extremist group Pravy Sektor has a keyhole on the first days. Although it is a minority movement, the Kiev authorities tampoco are a democratic example. There is an extreme right in both countries.

The response of Putin al derrocamiento del Gobierno del proruso Viktor Yanukovich fue doble: la invasion and posterior annexation of Crimea and use one war in Donetsk and Lugansk. Moscow presses on the new authorities with courtesy of electricity and gas to log the reinstatement of a favorable regimen. The result is the opposite of the search: 81% of Ukrainians come to Putin as an amenity. It was produced an emotional, cultural and political court.

El presidente ruso juega al ajedrez, while Joe Biden responds with poker manners. The BBC’s columnist, Ros Atkins, said Putin’s speech was based on two factors: Kabul catastrophic retreat in August, which transmits a EEUU debil, and the confidence that the European division dictates a united answer. Germany gas stove, France, in France and Spain treat to grow in Washington with an ojo puesto in the permanent crisis with Marruecos.

“Kiev authorities tampoco are a democratic example. There are extreme rights in peace”

Where did Putin invade Ukraine?

Where did Putin invade Ukraine? By its precedents and right to the independence of this country, the answer can be affirmative. The problem is that it is a painful movement. Ukraine has duplicated the training of its Armored Forces since 2014, the public has had everything and accounts with assessors and Western armaments.

We are in the phase in which the gallbladder of the pelvis treads to assist. As a player of ajedrez, Putin is sure that if invaded does not respond to the OTAN ni of EEUU. Ukraine is not a member of the Atlantic Alliance. For that Biden catastrophic economic sanctions. A serious war is a bargain, about everything for the EU.

In addition to the fact that Russia is a communist, as well as affecting both the right and the right, there is a sector in the PSOE’s sector that lives in an anti-Atlanticism: the unity of the OTAN is always my friend. It’s a remembrance of the 80s of sail XX, of the grit “OTAN, no; bases, fuera & rdquor ;. He reset the operating system of the Guerra Fría.

Ukraine, by Latvia

There is no pacto escrito entre EEUU y la URSS against the expansion of the OTAN hacia el Este. Al parecer hubo un verbal agreement over German unification in the 90s. new russia which is a great theme search for its historical monuments.

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For them Baltic states enter the OTAN due to its guarantee of independence. And Latvia, a third of the population is of Russian origin. Nacidos tras the collapse of the USSR and tried the relevance to the EU, the euro and freedom. Se sentirán Russian culture and language, but no one wants to say anything about Putin. Ucrania camina por la misma senda.

La EU debería sacar enseñanzas: needs a European Ejercito capable of defending its interests. From here wars of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan it is clear that the UE y EEUU no viajan en el mismo camarote. The next reto is to leave with China. The battle of Washington to be the only superpower is not ours.


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