Puigdemont, eight seconds and four years later

Eight seconds of noise and fury and four years of cowardice could be drawing to a close with the arrest of Carles Puigdemont in Sardinia. And the fact is that nobody trusted. Nor does he trust. The explosive cocktail of disbelief and alarm that followed the news recalled the early hours of 23-F, when that man with a tricorne and a mustache did something that technically could not be or go well (assault Congress!).

But in reality he had died so recently FrancoDemocracy was so pinned on, that to many people the fatal seemed much more plausible than normal. If something worse could happen to us, it would surely happen to us.

It gives the sad measure of to what point of democratic uncertainty we are regressing that the Puigdemont case is the object of passionate pools. Let no one dare to take for granted that it is already there. Do you remember when they nailed Luis Roldan at Bangkok airport? Did anyone then doubt what was the imminent fate of the fugitive? Well, now and here, no one puts their hand in the fire because the laws that apply to anyone who robs a bank or robs a chicken apply to those who embezzle funds from entire governments. Let’s not say for him Nero Catalan who fled in the trunk of a car, betraying the whole of Catalonia, even the hers

Will the Euroorder be valid or not? Will there be delivery? If yes, when and under what conditions? Could someone have cheated on someone? What if it were Gonzalo boye the Paesa from Puigdemont? Italy is one of the countries where the CNI is most active. Did you know something Pedro Sanchez? Did you know something Pere Aragonès? AND Laura Borràs? Is Puigdemont a pawn at last sacrificed, or does he still have pretensions of castling and check? Has he realized that, after losing the train of 14-F and the pardon train in rapid succession, and with the crime of sedition intact, he had better leave take before a President of the Government arrives who has nothing to fear from simply enforcing the law, even in Catalonia?

Scalded cat from the cold water flees, and right now there is not a single person who has suffered in his flesh the punishment of the process don’t be afraid of bleeding from the wound again. Those who call us constitutionalists and even unionists, settlers or ñordos, and that I prefer to define (define ourselves) as inseparable Catalans, Catalans happy to be and proud of being who we are and where we are. Catalans and Spaniards who live together and let live together.

We would like to bring out the cava to toast. Not because there are more or less political prisoners, that this is not about revenge, but because Justice is fair and above all it is predictable and equal for everyone. This is about ending this civil nightmare at once. But we will believe it when we see it. For the moment, with Puigdemont arrested, detained or floating in the limbo of quantum legality, the night of process It is getting much longer and much darker than the one on 23-F.

The sun will come out, for sure. In the end it has to come out. But carrying it on the shoulders with very few and with infinite effort. And with many who could do so much, so much, standing in profile and looking the other way.

*** Anna Grau is a journalist and deputy for Citizens in the Parliament of Catalonia.


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